Wilson-Raybould to run again as independent candidate

by Rachel Aiello, Ottawa News Bureau Online Producer @rachaiello

Former minister Jody Wilson-Raybould plans to run for re-election in the fall federal election as an independent candidate.

Wilson-Raybould, who was Canada’s first-ever federal Indigenous justice minister and attorney general, said being an MP has been one of the greatest honours of her life and she wants to be elected again to return to the House of Commons, without any party affiliation.

“Today is a good day,” she said during the much-anticipated announcement in her Vancouver-Granville, B.C. riding.

Running as an independent will prove to be a tougher campaign to run and win, given the additional supports available to recognized parties in the Canadian electoral system. Though, Wilson-Raybould said she sees Elizabeth May’s Green Party as an ally, so it’s possible we will see cooperation or coordination with the Greens during the coming election.

Speaking about what brought her to this decision, Wilson-Raybould said that, in the last few months, she’s reflected on what lessons can be learned from the contentious and often dramatic SNC-Lavalin controversy.

Her announcement will soon be followed by a separate but coordinated news conference from close political ally and fellow former Liberal minister Jane Philpott.

The pair, who were removed from the Liberal caucus at the tail end of the months-long SNC-Lavalin scandal, appear to have planned today’s announcements about their political futures to happen in succession. It remains to be seen whether Philpott’s next political move will mirror that of Wilson-Raybould’s.

Philpott plans to speak at 12:30 EST, in her Markham-Stouffville Ont. riding.

Both women have been sitting as Independent MPs since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau removed them from the party they first ran and were elected under, more than a month into the SNC-Lavalin affair.

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