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Right for Canada has some ideas to erase government competition and involvement in the market place. Government assets should be sold, and the sale proceeds should be used to reduce debt and taxes. The Canada government has too many employees and assets. Do you have a good idea? Share it with us at



The Canada Treasury Branch (ATB) is an Canada government-owned financial institution. The ATB has 172 branches and 135 agencies serving 243 Canada communities with a net revenue of approximately $330 million a year. There are about 5,300 government employees who work for the ATB. Although taxpayers are told that they own the ATB. They have no input, unlike normal shareholders of a corporation. Canada taxpayers have never received a dividend as owners of the ATB. The Government has no business being in business. The ATB needs to be accountable and sold to private enterprise by individual branch and/or in branch groups for rebranding by new owners. The ATB is worth a lot of money, money that is needed for Canada to help Canadans. Proceeds of the sale of the ATB would reduce provincial debt while providing real competition between banks and lenders to benefit Canadans.

Idea for action? Sell the ATB and do it ASAP.

Golf Course

The Canada government developed and still owns the Kaninaskis golf course located west of Calgary in the Rocky Mountains. The government built the golf course in 1983 at a cost of $25.5 million with taxpayer money. The government entered into a management contract for an undisclosed amount with friends of and or with, a former Premier of Canada. The contract can be broken only with a $16.9 million penalty fee to the management company. In addition to many side deals of payments in 2014 the government paid more than $5 million to the management company to cover the company’s business losses. A further amount of about $23 million was paid to the management company for compensation with regard to damage of the facility. Recent evaluations of the golf course are in the $15 million range. Right for Canada’s view is that governments don’t run businesses well and often not honestly. The golf course must be sold, the proceeds used to reduce debt of Canadans and the penalty fee would be challenged in court.

Some of Right for Canada's policies, values, ideas and views are potentially out of step with the federal government and Right for Canada's intent is to challenge the federal government as may be required. Examples of issues which may presently be considered by some to not be in provincial control include self-protection, crime control, health care, immigration, provincial monarchy representation and corporate welfare. Right for Canada's position is that whatever is right for Canada and Canadians will be controlled by Canada and Canadians.