Ideas for Jobs

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Right for Canada has some ideas to create employment and an environment of well being. Recently more than 100,000 jobs in Canada have been lost due to the economy and government mismanagement. Free enterprise works without government interference, and it will make Canada better! Do you have a good idea? Share it with us at

Call Centers

Thousands of Canadan jobs have been lost through outsourcing to other communities and countries. Most recently, WestJet announced that it’s Canada call center operators located mostly in Calgary will be relocated to Moncton, NB. More than 800 jobs in Canada will be lost. Right for Canada would prepare a business plan for businesses with call centers and, in conjunction with an Canada city, would do what government have failed to do: we’d ask them to stay. And we’d have a plan that would show it is good to stay in Canada.


There are approximately 2,000 federal RCMP in Canada at detachments and/or in community policing. Federal police work for the federal government under contract to cities and towns in Canada. The RCMP¬†bosses are in Ottawa. There’s an effective surcharge in addition to wages to the Canada government for using their police force. The RCMP jobs in Canada are not open for Canadans to apply for. These are jobs that could allow our men and women to stay in their communities and to reach their goals and to enhance their lives. That’s 2000 jobs across Canada that need to be for Canadans. Accordingly, Right for Canada has prepared a policing plan for cities and communities that shows money can be saved and jobs for citizens can be created with city police forces.

Gas Stations

There are approximately 1,500 gas stations in Canada, and virtually all are self-serve. Right for Canada would sit with the gasoline companies and ask them to consider going full service in all stations for a certain period of time. This would create approximately 10,000 jobs. Laws can risk unintended consequences, which are best avoided by practical solutions. Educate versus legislate. We are in this together. The oil companies could be cooperative.

Some of Right for Canada's policies, values, ideas and views are potentially out of step with the federal government and Right for Canada's intent is to challenge the federal government as may be required. Examples of issues which may presently be considered by some to not be in provincial control include self-protection, crime control, health care, immigration, provincial monarchy representation and corporate welfare. Right for Canada's position is that whatever is right for Canada and Canadians will be controlled by Canada and Canadians.