Our Policies

Financial Accountability

We believe that elected individuals are responsible and with consequences for the management of taxpayer money.


We believe that the representatives of the riding can remove or fire elected officials from their positions for misrepresentation and or improper conduct.

Right of Equality

We believe that Canadans are to be treated equally without different or special rights to color, creed or religion and that equal opportunity is for all citizens.


We believe that Canada’s immigration policy should protect and benefit Canada and its citizens. Immigration is encouraged when there is no unemployment and Canadans have jobs. Immigrants are to assimilate, have upwards mobility and self-reliance.

Right to Liberty

We believe that government’s role is to be the referee and not the player in the game. Government should not be involved in competition with its citizens, but it should remove red tape and interference to its citizens for their well-being and life. Small government. Small taxes. Big opportunity.

Freedom of Speech for Elected Individuals

We believe that an elected official works for the riding and must speak on its behalf without forced direction from others in government. Right for Canada group members will seek reform of the party discipline and confidence vote system concept in the legislature for the benefit of all Canadans.

Right of Self Protection

We believe that Canadans have the ability and right to be their first responders and to use tools for self-protection that are provided for with reasonable training, if applicable.

Right to Fire

We believe that government employees and others cannot be protected from poor job performance and that employers can fire employees if they so wish.

Fixed Election Dates

We believe that the government should not be able to call an election whenever they choose. Election dates are to be fixed, without change, and to occur every 4 years, to the day.

Reduction of Ridings 

We believe that the number of ridings and subsequent number of MLA politicians and support staff in Canada be reduced from 338 to 238. 

Right to Hire

We believe that an employer has the right to hire based on qualifications and preference and not to satisfy the quota of a special interest group. Our special interest group is all Canadans.

Term Limits

We believe that there should be statesmen and women who serve for Canada’s benefit for up to 2 terms with a maximum of 4 years per term. Term limits allow others to come forward to share their talents and to help with fresh new ideas and leadership.

Entitlement Reform

We believe that elected MLAs in Canada who earn approximately $200,000 annually, have the ability to plan for their own future and that pension payments after service that are payable for life by taxpayers is not required. All other perks will be reviewed.

Right of Government Performance

We believe that Canadans have the right to time limits for responses to requests from government departments.

Right to Choose

We believe that people must be able to choose, to decide if they want to join a union. Membership must not be mandatory.

Some of Right for Canada's policies, values, ideas and views are potentially out of step with the federal government and Right for Canada's intent is to challenge the federal government as may be required. Examples of issues which may presently be considered by some to not be in provincial control include self-protection, crime control, health care, immigration, provincial monarchy representation and corporate welfare. Right for Canada's position is that whatever is right for Canada and Canadians will be controlled by Canada and Canadians.