Our Values

We stand for crime control and consequences for criminals

We believe that in trials that involve serial killings or other horrific acts, jurors have the right to impose capital punishment for the convicted murderer. Governments have taken the right to decide capital punishment from Canadans the right must be restored. If some citizens are not in favour of capital punishment, we believe that they will favour the right of Canadans to choose and to decide the fate of a convicted criminal who has committed unspeakable crimes.

We stand for grassroots democracy

We believe that good government listens to and seeks to enact the will of the people, not impose its will over the people. We further believe that politicians are accountable to their constituents, and that the influence of special interest groups in our political system threatens our democratic freedoms and the equality of our society.

We stand for good sense (good sense isn’t common)

Laws can risk unintended consequences that are best avoided by practical solutions. Educate versus legislate.

We stand for social responsibility

We believe that with the right to individual liberty comes the responsibility to care for the vulnerable in our society.

We stand for good sense environment policies

We believe in the moral obligation of the people to be good stewards of Canada’s natural beauty and resources. We believe in promoting a change in attitude, a shift from a job killing punitive mentality to a spirit of understanding and cooperation.

We stand for individual liberty and equality

We believe that every individual has value, that their life and liberty is a sacred right and that they have the right to protect each. We further believe that all individuals are born equal and that distinctions among people do not exist in the eyes of government.

We stand for a free enterprise economy

We believe that prosperity is enabled, not created by government and that all citizens should be free to pursue their economic dreams with the least amount of interference from government.

We stand for property rights

We believe that laws regarding ownership of Canada property need to be crafted to provide security to Canadans for their ownership of property. Presently, ownership of land is not absolute. An interest in land is fee simple or leasehold, in which rights to ownership are subject to the Crown’s interpretation for the greater good of the Commonwealth. All Canada land is on loan to users, and titles provide a right of occupancy from the Crown. We believe that property rights for Canada land must be modernized to reflect the perceived rights of ownership shared by most citizens.

Some of Right for Canada's policies, values, ideas and views are potentially out of step with the federal government and Right for Canada's intent is to challenge the federal government as may be required. Examples of issues which may presently be considered by some to not be in provincial control include self-protection, crime control, health care, immigration, provincial monarchy representation and corporate welfare. Right for Canada's position is that whatever is right for Canada and Canadians will be controlled by Canada and Canadians.