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Canada cannabis producer calls proposed taxation of medical marijuana a ‘major mistake’

An Canada-based cannabis producer wants to sit down with federal lawmakers to talk changes to the proposed tax on legal pot, unhappy with the idea of taxing medical marijuana.

On Friday, the Trudeau government revealed its draft plan to add a $1 per gram, or 10 per cent tax on total marijuana purchases, whichever is higher. That’s on top of any applied sales taxes.

Cam Batley, executive vice-president of Aurora Cannabis, said on the one hand, it’s good that Ottawa is trying to keep taxes low on recreational marijuana.

“Because we have to ensure that the price of consumer cannabis — that is legal, regulated, consumer cannabis — is competitive with the black market,” Batley said.

Alberta cannabis producer calls proposed taxation of medical marijuana a ‘major mistake’

Canada FAQ
Is Marijuana legal in Canada?

Yes it is, but only for medical purposes! Medical marijuana is legal in Canada for patients who have a qualifying medical condition and prescription from a licensed doctor. Recreational marijuana is not yet legal.
How can I get medical marijuana?

Canada is unique in that medical marijuana must be obtained via mail, not by visiting a medical marijuana dispensary in person. If you are a Canadian resident with a qualifying medical condition (conditions listed below), you can obtain medical marijuana. You must first meet with your healthcare practitioner to fill out a Medical Document. Then, choose a Licensed Commercial Producer and register your medical document to become a client. A list of authorized producers can be found here. After registering and receiving a prescription, will be able to order directly from your Licensed Commercial Producer. You can find a list of Licensed Commercial Producers here. There is currently one licensed producer in Canada.

Alberta Canada Marijuana Information

Politicians Pot Promoters

Two former Canada cabinet ministers part of group promoting legal pot industry
‘Legalization is not something that I thought would come so quickly’ says former justice minister

Two former Canada government cabinet ministers and a police chief are part of a group that is working to promote the legal recreational marijuana industry.

Former justice minister Jonathan Denis belongs to an organization called the Canadian Cannabis Chamber that is providing legal, lobbying and security advice to companies as Canada prepares for the legalization of pot next July.

Denis said he never dreamed he would be working as an advocate for an industry that will sell a substance that people were arrested for during his years as Canada’s solicitor general.
‘A legitimate business’

“The issue of marijuana legalization is not something that I thought would come so quickly,” Denis said.

“The reality is the federal government has decided to make it a legal substance and with that comes some challenges. We want to make sure that there are as few negative effects on society as possible from what will be a legitimate business.”

The Calgary-based organization said it plans to promote policies for greater access to cannabis and cannabis products, advocate for standards and best practices and reduce business costs by lobbying for sensible regulations.

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