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The Dumbest Gun Regulations in the U.S. Today

There are about 20,000 federal, state, and local gun laws in the United States, making firearms the most regulated gear item an outdoorsman can buy.

Federal gun laws fall into two broad categories: the 1968 Gun Control Act and the 1934 National Firearms Act. The GCA regulates with guns that anyone who hasn’t commited a felony can buy at a local gun shop. The NFA deals with guns like machine guns and sawed-off shotguns.

In the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ 468-page compilation of state and local laws, five states combined — California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York — take up about a third of the book. California’s laws alone fill 68 pages of fine print.

With the pages and pages of regulations, it can be difficult to keep track of the most outrageous laws, so we went to our veteran Second Amendment writer and Gun Shots blogger John Haugey to put together his list of the dumbest gun restrictions in the books.

Colt’s New Agent 1911 — Why Can’t I Buy One In California?

Have you ever had a chance to buy something but didn’t, then later kick yourself in the ass for not doing so. Well, that’s the way I’m feeling about not buying a Colt New Agent 1911.

Why can’t I buy one? Well, it has to do with new Colt 1911s not being sold in California anymore. Colt rifles are accessible to residents of California, and so are Single Actions, but not the Colt 1911 or any of its versions including the Colt New Agent.

In May of 2015, believe it or not, the California DOJ’s endless list of banned rifles, shotguns and pistols that have been labeled “assault weapons” includes almost all Colt 1911s. It’s true, I’m now finding out that almost every Colt 1911 is banned in California.
While I was told by one firearms dealer that the Colt Commander model #04691 is thought to remain on the “approved” roster, I really haven’t been able to determine which Colt 1911 is acceptable for sale to regular law abiding citizens and not just to law enforcement. Of course, these pistols are also not to being sold to law abiding citizens with CCW permits who have undergone background checks.
I’ve checked with a number of firearms dealers in Northern California, and all tell me the same thing. Colt semi-auto pistols fell of the “approved” handgun for sale list, the California Drop List, and are now is determined to be an “assault weapon.” To me, this is just a way for anti-2nd Amendment, ant-Constitution, gun control Democrat crazies in California to disarm law abiding citizens.



The Philippines is the third largest English-speaking nation in the world after India and the United States, or so it is claimed. Roughly two-thirds of the Philippines population of 107 million have some degree of fluency in English. The Philippines has about 40 million more people than the United Kingdom. Filipinos were introduced to the English language in 1762 by British invaders, not Americans. The American made it a language of education and commerce when they occupied the Philippines from 1898 to 1941

Supply management is the most staggeringly unconservative thing the Conservatives support

Spoke with the media in Saguenay today and reaffirmed the @CPC_HQ commitment to Canada’s supply management system and support for dairy farmers. (1/2)
— Andrew Scheer (@AndrewScheer) June 8, 2018

Under Canada’s “supply management” system, Canada’s eggs and dairy producers are shielded from competition by exorbitant tariffs and state-sanctioned cartels. In other words, it’s an awkward policy for Scheer to support while simultaneously beating a drum about free trade.

How much longer can the Trudeau disaster last?

The Liberals are scrambling to regain control of the narrative and present themselves as champions of the middle class, and it is not working very well. This should be no surprise – Trudeau himself is a second-generation trust fund beneficiary, and Finance Minister Bill Morneau is so rich that he forgets about little villas that he owns in the French countryside. But the last few months seem to have widened the chasm between Trudeau and ordinary Canadians.
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