Charged for Defending his Property – Sheer on Pot

Applause in courtroom as charges dropped against Okotoks property owner in rural shooting

A courtroom erupted in cheers and applause Friday as all charges were dropped against a man accused of firing shots at suspected thieves on his rural property in southern Alberta.

The Crown withdrew charges that included aggravated assault and firearms offences against Edouard Maurice at a court appearance in Okotoks south of Calgary.

Andrew Scheer isn’t sure he’ll keep weed legal if he wins in 2019

It’s been two days since recreational marijuana legalization in Canada and already Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer is telling Canadians that it might be short-lived. Scheer appeared on Power Play with Don Martin on Thursday night and said he hadn’t ruled out undoing the Liberals’ legalization if he and the Conservatives are elected into power in the 2019 election.

“We’re already hearing some of the concerns from health experts, from law enforcement,” Scheer said. He then reiterated the talking points legalization opponents (including the Tory leader himself) have been making all along: citing worries about the minimum age, policing and roadside testing. When asked point-blank, yes or no to re-criminalizing, Scheer refused to give a simple answer, but that in itself says volumes.

Andrew Scheer says Conservatives won’t reverse legalization if elected

After Conservative leader Andrew Scheer made headlines last week for seeming to be open to reversing cannabis legalization if his party won the election in 2019, he finally cleared the air this morning on a Quebec radio show, saying:

“We recognize the reality now, so I do not intend to go back and make marijuana illegal again. But we will see what happens within the year and make the necessary corrections.”

That’s a huge contrast to the non-answer he gave CTV on Oct. 18, the day after legalization:

Marco Muzzo, convicted drunk driver who killed 4, eligible for unescorted temporary absence from prison

A man sentenced to 10 years after pleading guilty in a drunk driving crash that killed three young children and their grandfather will be eligible to apply for unescorted temporary absence from prison next month.

Unescorted temporary absence is a release of limited duration in which an offender leaves a corrections institution for medical, administrative, community service, family contact, parental responsibility, personal development (rehabilitation), or compassionate reasons, unaccompanied by corrections staff, according to Corrections Canada.

First past the post vs. proportional representation: B.C.’s electoral reform referendum explained

It’s a simple question at the top of the ballot for B.C.’s electoral reform referendum.

“Which system should British Columbia use for provincial elections? Vote for only one: the current First Past the Post voting system [or] a proportional representation voting system.”

Beyond that, there are three different types of systems people are asked to choose from — with varying levels of details that would be settled after the referendum, if selected by voters — and plenty of arguments about the merits of each.

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