Closing California UBC DEI – Trudeau’s Electric Fantasy

California Loses Nearly 10,000 Fast-Food Jobs After $20 Minimum Wage Signed Last Fall

Last September, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed California Assembly Bill 1287 into law, which includes a $20 per hour minimum wage for fast-food workers and a fast-food regulatory council which has the authority to raise the industry’s minimum wage annually. But between last fall and January, California fast-food restaurants cut about 9,500 jobs, representing a 1.3 percent change from September 2023.

The Staggering Decline of Fast Food Jobs and Surge in Restaurant Closures Due to California’s $20 Minimum Wage

Since the implementation of California’s new $20-an-hour minimum wage, there has been a significant reduction in employment across various fast food chains.

Oakland congresswoman defends her push for $50 an hour minimum wage

Colorado Republican Party calls for burning of all Pride flags as Pride Month kicks off

“Burn all the #pride flags this June,” the state GOP wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter, on Monday. The party also sent an email blast targeting Pride month.

CRTC requires online streaming services to contribute to Canada’s broadcasting system

Trudeau has his Eyes on Your Home Equity

Trudeau’s twitchy second-in-command Chrystia Freeland mused about “unleashing the

massive mountain of excess cash” in Canadian households during a BNN interview.

Justin Trudeau to call vote on contentious capital gains tax hike this week

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government will call for a vote this week on a planned hike in the capital gains tax inclusion rate, a measure that would raise billions in additional government revenue and has attracted the ire of Canada’s business community.

Trudeau climate plan wants 20% of cars to be EVs by 2026

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government wants to institute a mandate that at least 20 per cent of new cars offered for sale by 2026 have zero emissions, as part of Canada’s plan to meet its 2030 emissions-reduction goal.

Electric Big Rig Economics Don’t Work for Most Companies

Executives at truck leasing company Ryder System spent years listening to some of their biggest customers say they wanted to switch to battery-electric big rigs.

Now that the heavy-duty trucks are available, the company says, few customers want to pay for them.

Hiring Equity

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