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Convicted Liar, Disbarred Lawyer Michael Cohen to Tell House Trump ‘Racist,’ ‘Conman’

Michael Cohen, the convicted liar and disbarred former lawyer to President Donald Trump, will accuse Trump of being a “racist,” a “conman,” and a “cheat” when he testifies before the House Oversight Committee Wednesday.

Politico obtained an advance copy of Cohen’s statement, and published it online Tuesday. Excerpts include:

Lynne Patton, Trump official at Cohen hearing, claimed he only ‘turned’ when Mueller threatened wife

The assertion was made in a Facebook entry by Department of Housing and Urban Development official Lynne Patton in January. The post has taken on new relevance given Cohen’s testimony Wednesday.

“What many of you may not be aware of is the fact that I can personally confirm that the ONLY reason Michael Cohen ‘turned on’ the President of the United States is because Mueller threatened to throw his wife in jail for up to 30 years. Period,” Patton posted on Jan. 18.

“She is the co-guarantor of a $20M personal loan that Mueller discovered Michael secured back in 2015 by falsely inflating the value of his taxi medallions—effectively making her part & parcel to the federal charge of ‘Making False Statements to a Financial Institution,’ to which Cohen ultimately plead guilty,” she continued, adding that was also the reason a “longtime taxi medallion partner” was granted immunity.

Greenpeace co-founder erupts on AOC: ‘You’d bring about mass death’

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore has launched a ferocious attack on U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., calling her an “immature bully” and “pompous little twit” with “ZERO expertise” who is “going for the jugular of civilization” and “would bring about mass death.”

Moore has a Ph.D. in ecology, and explains he left the environmental group 33 years ago “because they were hijacked by eco-fascists.”

Trudeau’s Spending Priorities Send Too Many Tax Dollars Overseas

$4.3 billion spent outside of the country will buy you a lot of thanks from some organizations such as the UN or from climate change conferences. That type of spending will also earn you a lot of selfies to up your political profile. But in the end it is our taxpayers footing the bill.

GLOBALISM: Under Trudeau, Canada Spends Over $10 Billion In Foreign Aid

While it’s no big surprise that he would be willing to give so much taxpayer money away outside of our country, the sheer scale of the spending is shocking.

According to CIJ News, the Canadian Government gives away $10 billion in foreign aid every year. Even more money was just announced by the government, sending $119.25 million to Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria, and Yemen.

Meghan Markle A Gender Fluid Royal Baby?

The royal family says a report alleging that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will raise their firstborn child “gender fluid” is “totally false.”

Kensington Palace issued a rare statement to The Sun this weekend denying the rumors.

Vanity Fair reported last week that the duchess told close friends she and Harry “won’t be imposing any stereotypes” on their child.

Canadians’ eyes now open about Communist China

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s famous line about admiring China for its “basic dictatorship” has taken on renewed meaning in recent days.

Now that Canada is learning exactly what that basic dictatorship can do to us, they’re not liking what they’re seeing.

Following Canadian authorities’ arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou at the request of the United States, the government in Beijing has been, step by step, turning the screws on us.

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