Fired For Lying – Trudeau’s Camping Fiasco

If you lie to an employer during hiring, you can be fired. Shouldn’t that apply to Trudeau too?

There is no question that Trudeau’s failure to disclose that he wore blackface would be cause for termination if he was a CEO

James Courtright had a secret and wanted it to remain just that. It was an embarrassing truth that he hoped would never see the light of day.

He was under police investigation for influence peddling. This fact was particularly hazardous given that he was, at the time, seeking a job as a lawyer for Canadian Pacific in a position involving regulatory work.

If you lie to an employer during hiring, you can be fired. Shouldn’t that apply to Trudeau too?

Liberals’ camping scheme an exercise in stupidity that takes nannyism to new heights

What with blackface, photo-shopped coffee cups and free camping trips, voters this election could be forgiven if they opt for the Rhinoceros Party

At a Conservative campaign rally the other evening, local candidate Krystina Waler talked about her goal for her riding: “To make St. Catharines the best place to live, work and raise a family.”

That seemed to me to be a pretty good encapsulation of what governments should aim to do – lay solid foundations upon which citizens can build fulfilling lives.

Frequently though, governments overreach, spreading their tentacles too far into the lives of their citizens, wasting their money in the process. The impossibly optimistic Ugandan space program under Idi Amin comes to mind – ranked by Time Magazine as one of the “100 worst ideas of the 20th century”.

Trudeau’s camping pledge is peak privilege

Now Justin Trudeau’s privilege truly is showing.

I’m talking about Trudeau’s announcement Thursday that the planet can be saved and the plight of the urban poor reversed if only we would spend gobs of taxpayers’ dollars getting underprivileged urchins out camping. The alleged climate “crisis” and chronic poverty whisked away with some tents and sleeping bags and, of course, government-subsidized trips to the woods.

This is at one and the same time one of the most patronizing and one of the most naive policies ever proposed during a Canadian election.

GUNTER: Trudeau’s camping pledge is peak privilege

Clear Majority Of Canadians Want Trudeau Liberals Booted From Power

Fewer than 1 in 3 Canadians say Trudeau should be re-elected

There’s a strong mood for change among Canadians, with a new Ipsos poll showing a clear majority of Canadians want the Trudeau Liberals to lose power.

According to the poll conducted for Global News, just 32% of Canadians say the Trudeau government deserves to be re-elected.

By contrast, 67% say it is time for another party to take power.

Those are bad numbers for the Liberals, particularly because the 32% ‘deserve re-election’ number is far below the 39.7% of the vote they won in 2015.

Why Canada Could Break Apart If Trudeau Gets Back Into Office

We know that much is at stake in the upcoming election.

With Canada more divided than ever before, and with Separatist sentiment rising in Western Canada because of Trudeau’s anti-Canadian energy policies, the stability and even future survival of our country could be on the line.

Notably, the Trudeau Liberals have doing everything possible to rig the system in their favour, by putting restrictions on social media ads that make it tougher for the Conservatives to utilize their financial advantage, and even threatening to shut down social media if the networks don’t do what the Trudeau government demands.

Why President Trump’s huge rallies are important

President Trump has big rallies. He always has. He talks about his rallies, especially the size, every time he has one. He even talks about them when he hasn’t had one in a while. It’s important, and not just for the sake of stroking his own ego.

More than 20,000 at Trump’s Controversial Minneapolis Rally

President Donald Trump held a rally on Thursday, October 10, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and more than 20,000 people showed up to support him. The rally was held at the Target Center, which has a capacity of a little over 19,000. The Target Center was filled to capacity and even more people were in overflow areas, attending the rally for his 2020 campaign.

More than 20,000 at Trump’s Controversial Minneapolis Rally [CROWD PHOTOS]

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