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Amid Greyhound service cuts, majority backs government-run rural bus service

A new poll suggests the majority of Canadians are in favour of the federal government funding a rural bus service.

The Angus Reid Institute study was conducted after Greyhound Canada announced it is shutting down passenger and delivery services on the Prairies, northwestern Ontario and all but one cross-border route in British Columbia.

Sixty per cent of those who participated in the poll said they would support a rural bus service funded by the federal government, and 64 per cent said they would be in favour of a provincially funded service.

Amid Greyhound service cuts, majority backs government-run rural bus service: poll

The Democrats Can’t Block Trump’s Next Supreme Court Pick

n the morning after U.S. Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement, Democratic senators were ready with their top talking point. In appearance after appearance on the cable-news shows, they repeatedly demanded that Senate Republicans adhere to the same “rule” that had guided them in 2016 and wait until after the November elections before voting on a replacement for Kennedy.

But few had their hearts in the effort. Only a day earlier, Democrats, led by the editorial page of the New York Times, had been complaining bitterly about the way Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell had “stolen” a seat on the high court from President Obama by imposing just such a delay

A California city is giving residents $500 a month for a guaranteed basic income

Michael Tubbs, the 27-year-old mayor of Stockton, California, has a radical plan to combat poverty in his cash-strapped city: a “no strings” guaranteed basic income of $500 a month for its residents.

Starting in early 2019, Tubbs plans to provide the monthly stipend to a select group of residents as part of a privately funded 18-month experiment to assess how people use the money.

A California city is giving residents $500 a month for a guaranteed basic income

Yesterday’s socialism, today’s liberalism

In North America, rightfully, there still exists a fear amongst voters of any person or party identified as Socialist or Communist. Therefore, those who admire and advance socialistic policies in Canada and the US utilize labels that are unlikely to set off warning bells amongst voters. “Liberal”, “progressive” and “secular” are the titles used today by many North Americans who push socialistic/marxist agendas.

Just study key characteristics of socialism/marxism and you will see a virtual match with the characteristics of today’s “progressive liberalism”:

Hostility towards Christianity
It doesn’t take long to detect this in our culture. On a daily basis, Christians watch their faith being ridiculed on tv, hear it on the lips of left-wing politicians and read newspaper editorials which vilify Christianity as “oppressive, bigoted, hateful and ignorant”.

Today, semantics like “secular” and “progressive” disguise the atheistic aims of many US & Canadian political leaders. When these left-wing politicians (or media pundits) appeal to the mantra of “separation of church and state” what they really mean is that a politician must vote like an atheist and never like a Christian.

Contempt for those who hold to objective moral standards.
Is this not painfully clear in our politics, television, academic institutions and mainstream news media? Christian politicians who dare voice opposition for example, to the homosexual lifestyle will be immediately ridiculed or even face calls for their resignation.

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