Kangaroo Court – Opened a Pandora’s Box – Poverty In Canada

Jonathan Turley: Trump Trial Was ‘Abuse’ of America’s Justice System

Renowned legal scholar Professor Jonathan Turley has blasted the “hush money” trial against President Donald Trump as an “abuse” of America’s once-great justice system.

Turley, a professor at George Washington University Law School, discussed the Trump trial verdict with Fox News star Judge Jeanine Pirro.

During an appearance on “America Reports,” Turley described the “guilty” verdict as “popular justice of Manhattan.”

However, he noted that this is not the kind of justice Americans “look for.”


Pandora’s Box Opened! Kash Patel Calls On GOP to Unleash Subpoenas on Judge Merchan’s Family and DA Bragg in Wake of Trump’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Verdict

In the wake of the unconstitutional verdict against former President Donald Trump, Kash Patel, a former Trump administration official, is urging Republican lawmakers to take a bold stand against perceived judicial and prosecutorial misconduct.

Patel’s statement, made on Truth Social, demands lawmakers investigate financial gains made by the family of Judge Juan Merchan and examine connections between the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and the Biden White House.


Legal experts say Trump’s conviction is unlikely to lead to a prison sentence

Former President Donald Trump is now a convicted felon, but legal experts have told NPR that it’s unlikely he will face incarceration.

A New York jury on Thursday found the former president guilty of 34 felony counts in his unprecedented hush money case. Trump called the trial “disgraceful” and his legal team has signaled it will appeal.


Trump warns of ‘Pandora’s box’ of perpetual presidential prosecutions if charges against him stand

Former President Donald Trump has long vowed to prosecute President Joe Biden if Trump wins November’s election and the two trade places. He upped the stakes dramatically Tuesday, contending that if criminal charges against him aren’t dropped, any current and future ex-presidents also could be prosecuted.


‘Overwhelming majority of the Canadian poor are white,’ report finds

A new report by the Calgary-based think tank Aristotle Foundation suggests that Canada’s race-based approach to fighting poverty might be flawed, since it is based on an incorrect assumption that race, racial discrimination and poverty are tightly linked.



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