Make Canada Great Again


“Canadian governments need to better represent Canadian citizens to provide a free market place with low taxes, small government and big opportunities. There are many ways for Canadians to have money freedom and personal freedom but politicians just don’t seem to get that their job is to work for Canadians so that they can pay less and have more.”

“Taxes can be reduced to a mere fraction of what they are at the present time. It’s estimated that more than 72% of a persons income is paid to some type of taxes. Politicians always say elect me and I will reduce your taxes and I will give you lots of free stuff, which makes no sense. Reducing taxes is actually pretty simple. Just get rid of things that are not needed and stop giving away free stuff. We need a say in how the country runs. Career politicians are bad for the average citizen” says Brian Lovig, business man and host of
A few examples to lower taxes:
Decrease the federal ridings by 100.

There are 338 ridings presently which is an over representation and hundreds of millions of dollars will be saved per year with fewer ridings and, government will be more efficient. Money saved! Billions no longer needed. Lower the taxes for Canadians!

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