Opposition to Right For Alberta

With an ever-louder chorus urging Canada’s conservatives to unite their fractured forces, the province’s Progressive Conservatives met in Red Deer this weekend and made known their answer: no.

At their annual general meeting over the weekend, PCs voted to rebuild and rebrand, their party’s strained cash flow be damned. This despite calls last week by a third entity, Canada Can’t Wait, urging the PCs and the Wildrose Party to come together under their third-party banner. “Both parties have such brand damage and stigma,”said Prem Singh, who has volunteered for both parties and co-founded Canada Can’t Wait. “There is a resistance for the PCs to go to Wildrose and for Wildrose to go back to the PCs. Everyone has their pride and their egos, so let’s have a reset and have something new and fresh.”

Singh said it was never her intention to create a third provincial conservative party that would split the right-wing vote even further. Rather, her goal is to create an unincorporated association to force some kind of cooperation between the two existing factions, an attempt to recreate the conditions that led to the merger of the federal Reform and PC parties.


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