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Maxime Bernier’s new political party: The People’s Party of Canada

Quebec MP Maxime Bernier is naming his new political venture The People’s Party of Canada.

Bernier says the name– which will be PPC for short — fits a party that represents people who are tired of Canadian politics being hijacked by special interest groups, cartels and lobbyists.

The maverick MP quit his party last month after spending much of the year butting heads with Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer over supply management and says the new party will be registered with Elections Canada over the next several weeks.

Trudeau says Canada’s dairy farmers will be ‘compensated’ for losses due to new trade deal

Speaking in Montreal Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the federal government is committed to compensating Canada’s dairy industry for any losses incurred in the new US/Canada/Mexico trade agreement.

Facing Quebec dairy farmers, Trudeau says ‘they’re right’ about being pressed to give more

Dairy farmers are right when they say they have been forced to keep giving in recent trade deals, says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Speaking from Montreal on Thursday following a meeting with Quebec dairy officials, the prime minister said he acknowledged there are concerns among the farmers about the impact increased American access to the market here will have on top of the extra access already being offered to European and Pacific nations in recent years.

How many of Canada’s key demands made it into the new North American trade deal?
Here’s a brief report card on Canada’s win and losses in the deal, now re-named the USMCA

Leaving a late-night cabinet meeting with a renegotiated North American trade deal in hand, Justin Trudeau announced it was a “good day for Canada” — and in the sense that months of uncertainty are finally over, he’s right.

But is the trade deal itself — now re-named the USMCA — good for Canada?

A year ago, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland announced Canada’s key demands going into negotiations with the Trump administration. That speech was an exercise in moderation compared to the U.S. demands that numbered more than 100 items, but still, Canada’s goals were ambitious.

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