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Prairie Freedom

The West will never be equally represented

Federal election campaigners will always appease those in the East simply because it is strategic. With 34 seats in Alberta & 14 seats in Saskatchewan, and 14 seats in Manitoba our overall impact on swaying the election is minimal. Those running for office need only to focus within Ontario with 121 seats & Quebec with 78 seats to win the election and govern the entire country.

Taking into account the massive increase in immigration projections, and the fact that an overwhelming majority of immigrants settle within Ontario & Quebec, the direction of our Prairies will soon be determined by those who have just gained Canadian citizenship – many of whom have never stepped foot in the Prairies or understand our economy.

Alberta,Saskatchewan & Manitoba contribute 24% to the overall GDP of Canada.
As a country, the Prairies would rank 25th of 196 countries.
24% Hypocritical Carbon Taxing & Nonsensical Climate Agendas

1.) The federal government is planning to enforce a Carbon Tax on all provinces despite the fact they continue to import foreign oil from Saudi Arabia – a country that does not abide to “climate awareness” policies, such as a Carbon Tax. (see graphic)

2.) “Prairie Oil & Gas is dirty” – a statement made with complete ignorance by our federal government and Canada’s “fake news” media. In fact, our Oil & Gas industry holds the highest standards towards environmental protection than any other country in the world.

3.) Canada as a whole contributes 1.6% of global carbon emissions. Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba combined account for 0.52% of the overall 1.6% Canadian total. Saudi Arabia contributes 1% to global carbon emissions. As minimal as these numbers are, our federal government has attacked the Prairie Oil & Gas industry while importing Oil & Gas from Saudi Arabia, a country that overall contributes more Carbon globally than the Prairies – a nonsensical approach to reducing carbon emissions. Carbon emissions created by transportation of oil from Saudi Arabia to Canada not calculated into overall Saudi Arabia contribution.

4.) The combination of Bill C-48 & shutting down of the Energy East project is a direct attack towards the Prairie Oil & Gas industry. These hypocritical actions by the federal government are beyond transparent as oil tankers flood the East coast with foreign oil.

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