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The People’s Party of Canada’s platform is still being finalized. Until it is, please check the policies proposed by its leader Maxime Bernier when he was running for the leadership of the Conservative Party in 2016-17. The PPC’s platform will be mostly based on the same policies.


Maxime Bernier claims People’s Party of Canada true conservative choice

Maxime Bernier said a stronger economy and reducing immigration are some of the key platforms of his new party.

Bernier was in Saskatoon on Thursday evening for a rally, attracting roughly 250 people. He’s been crossing the country, trying to build support for the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), which he founded in September after leaving the Conservative Party of Canada.


‘Love is love’: Alberta cabinet minister makes history with same-sex marriage

Ricardo Miranda is looking for the perfect shoes for his wedding.

It’s a wedding that will make history in Alberta.

Later this month, the Calgary-Cross MLA, who is also minister of culture and tourism, will become the first Alberta cabinet minister to be married in a same-sex ceremony.

In another first, Premier Rachel Notley will officiate at the wedding.

Miranda, 42, and his fiance, Christopher Brown, are excited about their love story, which brought together a Nicaraguan refugee and a small town Ontario boy.


The American Center for Democracy (ACD) quotes Imam Aasim Rashid of Vancouver, British Columbia, who spoke in October 2017 at Thompson Rivers University, explaining why the Canadian government wants to implement Sharia Law.

“I’ll tell you who wants to bring Sharia Law,” Thompson said then. “The Canadian government wants to bring Sharia Law and this is not a joke. Why? Because Sharia Law is simply the way Muslims are doing things.”


Trudeau’s Support for Islamists a Warning to America

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada has an nine-year long record of supporting the Islamist cause while refusing to engage with reformist Muslims.

Perhaps most disturbing were Trudeau’s comments to a gathering of Islamist front groups: he told them that he shared their beliefs, their set of values and their shared vision.

Canada will not be able to plead ignorance or inability while facing accusations of complicity from any future American terrorist victims.


Canada’s Treacherous “Faustian Bargain”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it seems, adheres to the principle of globalism, according to which the world is borderless, and the idea of sovereign nation-states is both reactionary and obsolete. In this borderless world, the governing body is the unelected, untransparent, unaccountable and deeply corrupt United Nations and its agencies, which possess the authority to legislate international law that is then enforced by member states.

The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is a document detailing the requirements for UN member-states to adopt as policy that amounts to unfettered global migration. Trudeau has bought into this UN agenda and has decided to impose it on the Canadian people without their prior knowledge or consent.


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