Prairie Freedom Movement – Trudeau Buying The Media

What is Prairie Freedom Movement?

The West will never be equally represented

Federal election campaigners will always appease those in the East simply because it is strategic. With 34 seats in Alberta & 14 seats in Saskatchewan, and 14 seats in Manitoba our overall impact on swaying the election is minimal. Those running for office need only to focus within Ontario with 121 seats & Quebec with 78 seats to win the election and govern the entire country.

Taking into account the massive increase in immigration projections, and the fact that an overwhelming majority of immigrants settle within Ontario & Quebec, the direction of our Prairies will soon be determined by those who have just gained Canadian citizenship – many of whom have never stepped foot in the Prairies or understand our economy.
Prairie Freedom Movement Billboards Appear In Saskatchewan Asking If Province Should Separate From Canada

A group advocating for the prairies to separate from the rest of Canada has launched a series of billboards across Saskatchewan.

The Prairie Freedom Movement put up four billboards on Thursday that ask “should Saskatchewan leave Canada?”

Three of the billboards are in Regina and one is in Saskatoon, according to Global News.

The movement’s website says their goal is to “promote and grow interest towards an Independent Western Canada.”
Lawrence Solomon: If Alberta turns separatist, the Rest of Canada is in big trouble

Holding all the power now, Albertans would get richer while the balance of the country would get poorer

Canadians don’t value our fossil fuel economy, which explains why so many are OK to trash pipelines and see Alberta tank. Only 19 per cent think it more important to pursue oil and gas development than to go green and regulate oil, according to EKOS polling. That 19 per cent figure shrinks to eight per cent for Canadians who consider themselves Liberals, six per cent for NDPers and two per cent for those who vote Green, meaning that politicians of most stripes have no interest in alienating their supporters to help Alberta’s energy economy recover.
Dangerous Changes Coming to our Justice System

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Government want to change our criminal justice system again. This latest move shows just how soft on crime this government really is.

This fall the Liberals are bringing forward Bill C75, which will change the range of penalties for a long list of serious crimes in Canada.

For example, let’s say someone is convicted of abducting a 13 year old girl? Once he’s convicted, straight to prison right? Not necessarily. Under Justin Trudeau’s new proposed sentencing changes, a judge will now be allowed to consider the sentence as a summary conviction, instead of an indictable offence.
Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Buying the Media In Time for 2019 Election

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants an American-like, left-leaning mainstream media for Canada—and is investing more than half a billion taxpayers’ dollars to get it.

Watching from the country next door how the American media, which supplies a 90-plus-percent negative coverage of all things President Donald Trump and whose blatant intent is to drive him out of office, Trudeau wants a 90% left-leaning media in place for Canada’s upcoming 2019 federal election.

Buying the media is buying the Election.

This is what Trudeau was doing before blowing more than half a billion dollars for the domestic media:

It was only weeks ago when dictatorial Trudeau publicly defended a decision by Statistics Canada to compel banks and financial institutions to release the personal transaction data of 500,000 people without their consent.
As Trudeau Makes Nice with ISIS, Canada Becoming Potential Base for Terror Attack on US

The US and Canada share the longest undefended border in the world. There hasn’t been a reason to defend it because there hasn’t been a serious threat from either country in a couple hundred years. There is now.

Canada is today the happy home of thousands of radical Islamists, ex-ISIS fighters and the Muslim Brotherhood. Their numbers continue to grow, with Islamists infiltrating the Canadian government on several levels.

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