Prime Mistake – What Conservative Party?

So How Stupid Is Justin Trudeau?

Perhaps the Question Asked in the Headline can be Answered by the Following . . .

Justin Trudeau Is No More Stupid Than The People Who Voted For Him.

Trudeau’s Father . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was Famous for trying to Stick it to the Americans. And in Senior Trudeau’s LEFTIST Philosophy . . . He Adored Castro, tried Desperately to make Trade Agreements with the Europeans, South Americans & Arabs, in Place of the United States of America.

In Short . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau was such a Disaster for Canada, that much like the Nightmare Obama has left for America, Pierre Elliott Trudeau left an even Worse & More Sustaining Nightmare Legacy for Canada.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau was given far more Credit by the Media, Intellectuals & Elitists, for being much Smarter than he Really was. In fact, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was far more of a Vicious, Calculating, Machiavellian Politician, than he was ever a Good Leader for Canada, for which the Trudeau Scars . . . 45-years Later, are still Evident.

Why Justin Trudeau shares his dad’s love of murderous communist despots like Castro

There should have been no surprise at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s colossally disingenuous statement on the death of Fidel Castro. The Trudeaus have been at this for six decades, flirting with the murderous icons of communist oppression since the 1950s when Trudeau the First expressed his admiration for elements of Stalin’s Soviet Communism. In the 1960s, a 41-year-old Pierre Trudeau visited Communist China during the great famine and co-wrote a book hailing Maoism and denying the existence of a national food policy that killed 38 million people. He never retracted his China views. But, in the 1970s, he cozied up to Fidel Castro, who until his death Friday has held the Caribbean island in a form of political slavery.

The Trudeau family’s love of tyrants

Political blind spots are inevitable when you have warm thoughts for oppressors

Back in the summer of 2006, Pierre Trudeau’s youngest son, Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau wrote a fawning happy 80th birthday column in the Toronto Star in praise of then Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The piece included tributes such as how the revolutionary leader was a “great adventurer…a great scientific mind,” someone whose “intellect is one of the most broad and complete that can be found. ”

Are Canadian Conservatives actually conservative?

What governing vision does the Conservative Party of Canada offer Canadians this election?

This is a fundamental question that the party has not yet answered. In a recent column, pundit Andrew Coyne wrote:

“Conservatism in Canada now amounts to, at best, opportunism. They are in favour of whatever is unassailably popular, opposed to whatever is indefensibly unpopular … just so long as no one asks them to take a risk, a stand, or a decision, to … explain how it differs from the left’s.”

The same cannot be said for the federal Liberals and NDP. The Liberals proudly wrap themselves around a heavily left-leaning economic and social agenda, while the NDP are trying to outflank the Liberals on the left.

Trudeau and the Liberals just won’t stop saying things that anger the West

When the PM and his closest confidants open up on the oil industry, are westerners supposed to assume he means some other oil industry, not theirs?

The prime minister knows they speak English in Alberta and Saskatchewan, right?

I’m serious. Late in the just-concluded election campaign, as the Bloc strengthened and Quebec’s seats came into play, keen bilingual observers were listening very carefully to what the party leaders said in both official languages, looking for variations subtle or gross.

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