Put Up or Shut Up – New Jersey – Home Equity Tax

College anti-Israel agitators could be sent to Gaza under new House GOP bill

A new House Republican bill would send any person charged and convicted for illegal activity on a college campus to Gaza for at least six months.

Rep. Andy Ogles, R-Tenn., introduced the bill on Wednesday alongside Reps. Randy Weber, R-Texas, and Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., in response to the ongoing anti-Israel demonstrations on college campuses across the country.

Several of those protests have turned violent, with clashes between police and activists, as well as hundreds of activists being arrested across multiple campuses.


Why Are America’s Socialists So Rich?

This wasn’t the first time Piker, who streams under the name “HasanAbi,” was criticized for belonging to the class he regularly attacks. Back in August, he made headlines for purchasing a nearly $3 million home in West Hollywood. Back then, people pointed out that Piker’s success wasn’t purely meritocratic, either; Piker was given his start on the popular leftist media outlet “The Young Turks,” which was founded by his uncle, Cenk Uygur.


White House should be ‘concerned’ as Trump rallies as many as 100k in deep-blue New Jersey: ‘Extraordinary’

Former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy warned the Biden White House should be “concerned” ahead of November after Trump rallied as many as 100,000 supporters in New Jersey in what is being called the largest political rally in state history.

McCarthy joined “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss his reaction to Trump’s massive rally in Wildwood, New Jersey on Saturday and why he thinks the Garden State could be in play this election cycle.


Amid climate change warnings, Canadians lukewarm on electric vehicles

Nanos surveyed 1,086 Canadians between April 28 and May 1 to gauge their level of support for a hypothetical ban on the use of gas-powered cars and SUVs as of 2035, their feelings about green energy incentives, their level of confidence that Canada will have enough charging infrastructure in the future and their level of interest in owning an electric vehicle.


The cold hard truth about electric vehicles in winter

How weather affects EV battery range


Liberals move one step closer to home equity tax

Every Canadian politician will solemnly swear on a stack of real estate flyers that there will never ever be a home equity tax, but Canadians are rightly worried that governments want to take a chunk of the cash when they sell their homes.


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