Robert De Niro Delusions – Trudeau Groping

Robert De Niro, mentally unstable, unleashes on ‘jerk-off-in-chief’ Trump

Robert De Niro, 74, slammed President Donald Trump in a recent interview as a “blatant racist,” and “jerk-off-in-chief” and other things, yada, yada, yada — proving, once again, why it’s those on the left, not this commander in chief, who need psychiatric assistance.

Remember: De Niro was also the guy who once said he wanted to punch Trump in the face.

Well, he’s back at it.

In an impromptu rant during presentation of Meryl Streep with an actress award at the National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala in New York, De Niro called Trump a “f—ing idiot,” a “jerk-off-in-chief,” and a “baby-in-chief.”

Why an 18-year-old groping allegation against Justin Trudeau is not a #MeToo moment

The reporter, a woman in her early 20s whom Bourne later described as having an “awesome work ethic” and a “heart of gold,” told her publisher about an unsettling encounter she said she’d had with Justin Trudeau. Not yet involved in politics, the then-28-year-old Trudeau had come to Creston to attend a music festival raising funds to build a backcountry lodge in honour of his late brother.

“She came to me just because she was distressed,” Bourne told the National Post.

Bourne doesn’t recall the exact words the reporter used to describe the incident. However, in its edition of Aug. 14, 2000, the Advance published an unsigned editorial that accused Trudeau of “groping” the reporter.

Why an 18-year-old groping allegation against Justin Trudeau is not a #MeToo moment

Trudeau has boxed himself in with his own zero-tolerance policy on sexual misconduct

If the climate in Canada were different, an 18-year-old allegation of sexual misconduct against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be swiftly addressed, then probably dismissed.

The allegation originally appeared in an August 2000 edition of the Creston Valley Advance, a small community newspaper in B.C. The editorial, which resurfaced earlier this month, claimed that the then-28-year-old Trudeau “groped” a young reporter at a music festival, noting that he only apologized when he learned that she worked for a newspaper.

Hillary Clinton’s other dream job? To run Facebook.

Speaking at Harvard University before receiving an award on Friday, Clinton was asked a hypothetical question by moderator Maura Healey, a fellow Democrat and attorney general of Massachusetts: If Clinton could be chief executive of any company right now, which company would she choose?

“Facebook,” Clinton said without hesitating, as she and Healey paused to laugh with the audience.

Clinton said that she would want to be in charge of the social media giant because of the immense power it has over the world’s flow of information.

Trudeau government close to breaking all-time record for per-capita federal spending

With the Liberals planning to spend $8,337 per person in 2017, the government of Justin Trudeau is close to breaking the all-time record for per-capita federal expenditures, according to a new report by the Fraser Institute.

The number one spot, however, remains Stephen Harper. The Conservative leader hit a per-Canadian total of $8,375 in 2009 when he was overseeing spending increases intended to counteract the effects of the global recession

Trudeau government close to breaking all-time record for per-capita federal spending: Fraser Institute

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