The Banking System

12-year-old explains the Canadian banking system, suggests way to wipe out national debt

Twelve-year-old Victoria Grant says that, after researching the banking system, she was brought to the conclusion that “banks and the government have colluded to financially enslave the people of Canada”.


Canadian Money: Corruption On A Massive Scale?

The stronger the Canadian dollar is, the more purchasing power that the Canadian consumer has. This means that you can do more with your money, and wouldn’t you like your money to go as far as it can in helping to buy you property, services, to live and enjoy your life? Surely, every single one of us would. It’s surprising then to consider the realization that most people don’t know where their money comes from, they don’t understand what monetary system the nation that they live in is operating with, and they aren’t aware that they are losing further purchasing power the longer that we continue with this unsuccessful policy. Canada has been operating with a fiat currency for many decades now, and their fiat currency (the Loonie) is only backed by more unstable fiat currencies, and little if any gold.

Big Five Canadian Banks’ Largest Shareholders Are .. Each Other

Is there really just one big bank in Canada?

You might suspect that there is, given the ownership structure of the Big Five banks headquartered in Toronto. As it turns out, the largest shareholders in each of the big banks are … the other big banks.

For instance, the Bank of Montreal (BMO)’s largest shareholders are Royal Bank of Canada, CIBC World Markets, TD Asset Management, TD Bank and Scotiabank. In all, they owned about 22.5 per cent of BMO as of Oct. 31, 2016.

Chart of who “owns” the Federal Reserve

The so called “Federal” Reserve is not Federal at all, it is a private corporation that controls the US Treasury and IRS. It’s time for all the white hat, good guys, to jail the owners of the Federal Reserve and shut down the IRS, for crimes against humanity. End this criminal slavery system on the planet forever. I for one do not wish to see my grandchildren grow up in this world wide babylonian slavery system. The New Paradigm world is one of true freedom, world peace, prosperity for all, an unpolluted world, free energy, honest transparent governments, and most important, people operating at a higher consciousness level; valuing cooperation instead of competition, togetherness instead of separation, understanding instead of fear, and freedom instead of slavery.

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