Trans Mountain Execs. Get Bonus – Andrew Scheer

TMX board approved additional $5M in future bonuses for federally owned project

$3M will go to Crown corp’s executives and $2.48M to employees in 2021

Months before the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project was approved a second time, the leadership of the new government-owned pipeline company approved $5 million in future bonuses for top executives and employees to keep them onboard.

At a 2018 board meeting a week before Christmas, while the fate of the Trans Mountain expansion project was still up in the air, the board of Trans Mountain Corporation unanimously approved a package of bonuses for its executives and non-executives as an incentive for them to remain with the company through 2021.

Trans Mountain Corporation CEO Ian Anderson and nine other members of the executive management team will share $3.01 million as part of the long-term incentive plan, according to documents obtained by CBC News under Access to Information.

What kind of Conservative is Andrew Scheer?

You can ask Andrew Scheer about where he fits among his Conservative peers and predecessors all you want. Just know that whatever the question, the answer is going to be Justin Trudeau needs to go.

That was the tenor of Friday’s news conference at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, where Scheer ducked a series of pointed questions on conservative-minded politicos in the question-and-answer aftermath of a health-care announcement, pivoting each time to lash out at Trudeau’s Liberals.

The headline news at the event — a Scheer “guarantee” to maintain and increase federal health-care and social-program transfers by at least 3 per cent annually — turned out to be the previous day’s news: A restated version of a pledge he had announced on Twitter, embodied in a letter to Canada’s premiers.

Andrew Scheer slowly revealing policies that appear neither scary nor weak

It’s fair to say the “scary” Andrew Scheer meme has not really caught on.

As the Conservative leader pointed out at this year’s Press Gallery dinner, “It’s like trying to waterboard the Pillsbury Doughboy.”

Instead, a motley collection of unions and leftists, Engage Canada, is launching a new front – an attack ad claiming “weak” Andrew Scheer will cut taxes for “his wealthy friends”, cancel child benefits and privatize Canada’s health care system.

This is the same group that warned if Stephen Harper was re-elected in 2015, it would be the end of history.

Thankfully, reforms to the elections advertising rules mean Engage Canada will have nowhere near the firepower it had four years ago when unions like Unifor and the United Steelworkers contributed more than $400,000 each. The new rules limit third parties to a cap of $1 million in the pre-campaign period, from June 30 until the writ drops.

Kenney stoking Alberta separatism notions

As election season begins to heat up ahead of this fall’s federal election, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says he would rather see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau leave office than the province leave the federation.

In a video shared on social media Saturday, Kenney said it’s a challenge facing Alberta in the next three months.

“Rather than focusing on Alberta separating from the Canadian federation, I’d like to focus on separating Justin Trudeau from the Prime Minister’s Office,” said Kenney in the video.

But Mount Royal University political science professor Duane Bratt said Kenney stoking the flames of separatism could be a dangerous precedent.

“It’s a dangerous game to play to say, ‘well if the Liberals are elected we are separating’,” he said. “Kenney did not create this fire around separation, but I think he is stoking it by saying, ‘I’m not a separatist, but if I don’t get my way the only other alternative is separation.’”

New Alberta separation group meets in Calgary: ‘It’s time to take control’

Peter Downing is on a tour of Alberta, drumming up support for the province to leave the country.

On Saturday, the founder of Wexit Alberta told people gathered in Calgary that it’s not just a Liberal federal government issue; but the way Confederation is set up that favours the east politically and economically.

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