Trudeau Be Gone – Strong Conservative Leaders Needed

I voted for Justin Trudeau and I’m sorry

In 2015, I voted for Justin Trudeau.

I was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed youngster. At 19 years old, not having worked a full-time job, and still living in my parent’s home, never really paying taxes or having to worry about rent, I decided that my vote should go to Justin Trudeau.

I was hungry for change, and Stephen Harper did not represent that to me. I wanted to see real change. I knew the world was unfair, but I didn’t fully understand why.
I was young, naive, and wanted change. Justin Trudeau tricked me into supporting him, and I still regret casting my vote to the Liberal Party to this day.

When the prime minister becomes a joke, who’s the joke on?

Without a doubt, much hilarity ensued when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted out a photograph of his riding’s youth brigade chowing down on delivery pizza with a sizable pile of plastic cutlery posing front and centre.

Only days before, Trudeau announced his party’s high and mighty ban on a potpourri of nasty plastics that include bags, cutlery, straws, fast-food containers and even balloon sticks — “where supported by science,” he added — putting “as early as 2021” as a soft date for their banishment.

Andrew Scheer Releases Strong Statement In Support Of Hong Kong

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has issued a strong statement in support of Hong Kong and the fight for freedom against Communist China.

Here’s what Scheer said on Twitter:

“As Beijing amasses troops at the Hong Kong border, now is the time for everyone committed to democracy, freedom, human rights, and the rule of law to stand with the people of Hong Kong, including the 300,000 ex-pat Canadians. Now, and in the coming days, we are all Hong Kongers:”

Canadian Experiences Fund

Categories and Criteria

Investments made through the CEF focus on five categories:

Expand winter and shoulder-season by funding projects like onsite experiences development, tours, excursions, special events and tourism facilities
Grow tourism in rural and remote communities by investing in projects such as destination development planning, adventure, eco- and agri-tourism, local product development, or rural and remote tourism facilities
Increase Indigenous tourism by investing in such projects as market readiness, onsite experiences development, developing a line of consumer products, tours, festivals and special events
Promote LGBTQ2+ communities, by supporting train the trainer programs, projects such as attractions, special events and festivals as well as market readiness

An unprecedented spending frenzy could give a clue about where the election battles will be fought

Stuart Thomson: For August alone, the Liberal government’s tally stands at 4,545 spending announcements worth about $12.8 billion

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