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A minority government is a win for Canada’s climate agenda — but communication will be key

With the Liberals, NDP and Greens working together on policy, there is a chance to push a progressive climate agenda — if the right stories are told.
By then it was clear Trudeau would remain prime minister, with the Liberals winning 157 seats, 13 shy of what they needed to regain a majority government. The Conservatives, though they received nearly 250,000 more votes than the Liberals overall, earned 121 seats, the Bloc Quebecois 32, the New Democratic Party 24, and the Greens three.

‘Marching towards separation’: Wexit Alberta applies to become registered party

The group behind the political movement “Wexit” applied to become a registered party Monday, its leader said.

Peter Downing told CTV’s Your Morning that Wexit Alberta had taken the first steps to becoming a federal party and filed paperwork with Elections Canada.

“We’re sending in over 500 signatures, over double the required 250 signatures,” said the founder. “We’re going to do for Western Canada what the Bloc Quebecois does for Quebec.”
Wexit, a portmanteau of “western and exit,” is a western separatist movement that has appeared to be gaining momentum since Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won the 43rd federal election. About 700 people reportedly attended a rally in Edmonton over the weekend where Downing and others were seen wearing blue “Make Alberta Great Again” hats, a nod to U.S. President Donald Trump’s successful 2016 campaign slogan. A Facebook page for the group created in June has more than 30,700 likes.

Wexit party registration drive coming to Saskatchewan

A Saskatoon-based Wexit organizer says plan A is challenging Premier Scott Moe to hold a referendum on separation. If he doesn’t, they intend to form their own provincial party.
Wexit activists are planning to launch a registration drive in Saskatchewan they hope will give them leverage when they issue an ultimatum to Premier Scott Moe.

If he doesn’t agree to hold a referendum on separation in time for the next provincial election, they vow to form their own Wexit party in Saskatchewan.

New Conservative MP says party needs to rethink LGBTQ positions

A newly elected Conservative MP from Ontario says his party should rethink its approach to LGBTQ issues if it wants its messages to resonate with voters.

“I think we need to work on how we make ourselves a modern Conservative party, and that includes being more inclusive on that issue,” Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry MP Eric Duncan said Monday on CTV’s Your Morning.

“I’m looking forward to playing a role in that and helping shape that a little bit more in the coming months and years.”

Drag Queens Fundraise for Planned Parenthood with ‘Slave-Style Auction’ of Christian Pastors

A left-wing activist group based in Spokane, Washington, organized a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood featuring drag queens, who held a “slave-style auction” of Christian pastors and activists who protest at Planned Parenthood clinics and Drag Queen Story Hour events.

Encana moving to the U.S., changing name as Canada becomes a dirty word in the oilpatch
The oil and gas producer is dropping the link to Canada from its name and will be known as Ovintiv

Canada’s beleaguered energy sector suffered another morale blow as Encana Corp. — one of its marquee companies that was born out of the 19th-century railway boom — announced plans to move its headquarters to the U.S. and drop the link to Canada from its name.

The Calgary-based company said Thursday that it will establish a corporate domicile in the U.S. early next year, pending various approvals, and rebrand under the name Ovintiv Inc. The shares fell as much as 9.3 per cent in Toronto, the biggest drop in a year.

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