Trudeau Incompetent or Corrupt? Removal Possible?

Liberals make Canada worldwide embarrassment

The Liberals and this Trudeau government with their “holier than thou” mantra have become a worldwide embarrassment to Canada.

The Saudis are the latest to express this all too common reaction. Of all the stupid things this government is doing, this is the worst.

We were a small country with an international respect, if not influence.

Trudeau and his minions are destroying 150 years of hard work.

Trudeau’s mess has embarrassed Canada on world stage

Canada promised to get tough on international business bribery. Instead, the SNC-Lavalin case has embarrassed Canada on the world stage.

Just over a month ago, Justin Trudeau’s governing Liberals were cruising along with few problems, competing well in the polls and preparing for a pre-election, good-news budget.

Then the SNC-Lavalin scandal hit the government like a political wrecking ball, knocking Trudeau down in the polls with an election looming in the fall.

The SNC-Lavalin scandal demonstrates Quebec’s outsize influence on Canadian politics

Near as I can tell, Justin Trudeau’s reelection pitch goes something like this: I will obstruct justice to protect crooked Quebec corporate interests, but at least the attorney general I fire along the way will be a woman of color.

The prime minister has charmed the world as a different sort of leader ruling a different sort of country. The “Lavscam” scandal reminds us that he is actually an ordinary politician running an old-fashioned government captive to deeply conventional special interests.

Trudeau is making Canada safe for corruption again with the SNC-Lavalin case

Canada has come full circle, with prosecution of corporate crimes again determined by politics

What’s old is new again. Before corruption of foreign officials became illegal in Canada in the late 1990s, Liberal governments blessed bribes that facilitated exports. After the Harper Conservatives came to power in 2006, the tide turned against corruption, with companies such as SNC-Lavalin being prosecuted, much to the chagrin of Liberals. Now the Liberals are back in power, and thanks to their recent introduction of Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs), corruption has made a comeback.


Can A Canadian Prime Minister Be Removed From Office?

Can A Canadian Prime Minister Be Removed From Office?

Going forward, this is the key and critical question which must be answered for all Canadians. The latest fighter jet debacle exposes a Prime Minister who knowingly defrauded the public purse of $10 Billion. The average Canadian earns approximately $44,000 per annum and our true unemployment rate approximates 10%. Ten billion dollars, at the minimum wage rate, would employ 500,000 Canadians for a one-year period. Would that not be a boost to Canadian economy?

The Governor General represents the Queen of England and is therefore our representative. The Prime Minister of Canada is the Head of Government. The person who can remove the Prime Minister or any other Minister within Parliament before an election (other than the legal system) is the Governor General.

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