Trudeau Spends More Overseas – Toronto Killings

Canada looks to deepen involvement in Mali by sending up to 20 police officers

The federal government plans to deepen Canada’s involvement in Mali by sending up to 20 police officers and investing millions of dollars in the coming years to help train local security forces in the destitute West African nation.

ISIS claims Toronto shooting as probe reportedly finds gunman visited terror websites, lived in Middle East

ISIS claimed responsibility Wednesday for the deadly Toronto shooting and investigators are reportedly digging into the gunman’s past and Internet history — but Canadian officials continue to insist the killings aren’t related to terrorism, clouding the possible motive for the attack that killed two and wounded 13.

The terror group’s AMAQ propaganda agency, citing a “security source,” said Toronto shooter Faisal Hussain, 29, was a “soldier of the Islamic State and carried out the attack in response to calls to target the citizens of the coalition countries.” Based on language used in previous claims by ISIS, it appeared the shrinking Islamist group looked at Hussain as having been merely inspired by ISIS, rather than having been directed.

Feds prepared to consider proposal to ban handguns, Goodale says

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says there is no known connection between the Toronto shooting suspect and national security concerns, and that the Trudeau government is prepared to consider a proposal to ban handguns.

Still, Mr. Goodale said such changes to handgun provisions would be complex and require a “significant remodeling of the Criminal Code.”

When asked on Tuesday about comments made by Toronto Mayor John Tory in the wake of the deadly Toronto shooting this week, who asked why anyone in the city needs a gun, Mr. Goodale said a similar proposal was first brought forward by people affected by the January 2017 mosque shooting in Quebec City, where six people were killed.

Gun Control is People Control

Gun Control?
”We need to just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”– Eric Holder former U.S Attorney General (2009-2015)

Let me first start off by saying: I am in no way a ‘gun nut’. I do not now, nor have I ever, owned a firearm of any kind. If there was some way we could eliminate guns altogether, FROM EVERYBODY, go back to hunting with more primitive tools and fighting our battles, if absolutely necessary, with swords and spears, I would be the first one in line to endorse such an idea. But the fact is, guns do exist, and once they have been invented there is no way of getting the genie back into the bottle. Yes, this goes for the much-maligned ‘assault rifle’ as well.

Atheism, Communism, and Gun Control: The History of Governments That Slaughter Their Own Citizens

Atheism And Gun Control

Throughout history the facts can not be disputed, when governments combine atheism and the restriction of firearms amongst the citizens, the results have always been massacre of citizens at levels so astonishing that only the most profoundly ignorant minds ever try to reason their way around it.

Atheism is one thing, bans on firearms are quite another thing, but when atheism is a government’s meme, firearm bans and massacres of citizens always follow. The notion that humanity is no more than a glorified beast is a devaluation of life already, so there is no need to ever wonder why it is that an atheist government would soon deny it’s citizens their natural born rights to self defense, even less cause to wonder why an atheist government would murder tens of millions of it’s citizens that it deems undesirable.

Any atheist can choose to be offended by facts, but the facts remain.

Atheist governments + gun bans = slaughter of the governed.

Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is refusing a salary until party finances ‘significantly’ improve

The federal NDP leader — who isn’t on the public payroll because he remains unelected — has never drawn a salary from his party and doesn’t intend to receive a paycheque until its finances “significantly” improve, his press secretary says.

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