Trudeau & the Truth – Drugs and Mass Shootings

The Unauthorized List of Trudeau Untruths: Outright Lies, Evasions, Non-Answers, and other Equivocations

Have you ever looked at Daniel Dale’s “Unauthorized Database of False Things” said by U.S. President Donald Trump and said, “Boy, I wish our media would apply the same level of scrutiny to our leaders”? Of course you haven’t, because nobody has looked at Daniel Dale’s list in the last year. We just content ourselves with the fact that it exists.

Here, then, because Daniel Dale doesn’t have time to make one, is the definitive and continuously updated list of false statements Trudeau has made. Here are the rules:

Justin Trudeau vs the truth

Can Liberals shift focus from their favoured minorities to the majority?

That Canadians perceive the divisive nature of Trudeau Liberalism is evidenced by the Liberals’ decline in the polls

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a big believer in the advice of foreign experts.

In the months after the 2015 election Liberals were addressed on several occasions by Sir Michael Barber, a British expert of “deliverology,” who advised on ways to keep the avalanche of promises they’d made. Later they heard from David Axelrod, a key strategist for former president Barack Obama, who was invited to “motivate and inspire and focus” party members mulling a platform for re-election.

As election nears, Trudeau’s plan to sway B.C. is spend, spend, spend

Joseph Katalinic, the guy who won $60 million in the Lotto Max last week, says he plans to spend like a boss and “live like a king,” and I say good for him!

But the retired Richmond fisherman has got nothing on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who’s been spending money like water as he fishes for votes in B.C.

British Columbia is a crucial battleground in the approaching federal election and Trudeau has been splashing money around like a high-rolling gambler on steroids as the Oct. 21 voting day draws closer.

The Mass Shootings & Psychotropic Drugs Connection

What Do All Mass Shootings Have In Common?

Opinion – Mass shootings seem to have become commonplace in today’s society.

This is a hotly debated topic with a major political ripple effect.

Over the past 20 years, practically every mass shooting, including isolated shootings and suicides, have one concerning thing in common.
Psychotropic Drugs

The evidence is overwhelming.

Psychotropic drugs (SSRI’s) are the single largest factor in all of these shooting incidents.

All of these shooters were currently or were at one time taking these powerful drugs.

This commonality can not be overlooked.

Psychiatric medications, not guns, triggering mass shootings

Psychiatric drugs are the common thread in nearly all school shootings. Yet, the media exploits every school shooting to push its agenda of repealing the Second Amendment and confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens but leaving all weapons in the hands of the criminals.

They also refuse to to consider the mind-altering effects of psychiatric medications, which emerge in nearly every recent school shooting. The website details over 100 school shootings carried out by individuals who were taking psych meds.

Trump reportedly wants to buy Greenland. So did the Truman administration

It’s something that President Trump has repeatedly asked his staff to explore in recent weeks, bewildering top aides. But he’s not the first to ponder the question, which was first floated in the 1860s, when a report commissioned by the State Department under President Andrew Johnson concluded that the icebound island’s abundance of fish and mineral resources could make it a valuable investment.

And in 1946, President Harry Truman’s administration went even further, offering to purchase Greenland from Denmark in exchange for $100 million in gold.

“People have forgotten about how important places like Greenland were in the Cold War,” said Ronald E. Doel, an associate professor of history at Florida State University and a co-editor of “Exploring Greenland: Cold War Science and Technology on Ice.”


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