Trudeau Transforming Canada into His Image

Canada hoping U.S. gets on board as it moves to update gender info on NEXUS cards

Draft report suggests departments use ‘M,’ ‘F’ and ‘X’ as identifiers

Canada’s border agency is about to shake up the way it tracks sex and gender information — which could lead to some awkward conversations with Washington.

Charlize Theron’s 3-year-old declared their own gender and she’s going with it

This is a tricky one because, as conservatives, we (in almost every case) believe that parenting is best left to the parents and no one else. Sure, some parents are happy to take their toddlers to the public library for Drag Queen Story Time … which has become a thing for some reason.

Actress Charlize Theron is making news after an interview in which she said she’s raising her 7-year-old as a girl after the child declared its gender identity at the tender age of 3.

Politicians must combat, not court, anti-immigrant hatred, Trudeau says

White supremacists, neo-Nazis, far-right extremists — they’re in Canada, too, and they are active. And in a speech to the House of Commons Monday, Trudeau called out the hypocrisy of politicians who send “thoughts and prayers” when Jews and Muslims are murdered in their place of worship, but do nothing to combat the hatred underlying those attacks.

Trudeau Liberals see racists behind every tree

It would be helpful if, heading into the Oct. 2019 federal election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would provide us with a list of things Canadians can criticize his government for, without being accused of racism.

Because the list of things we can’t criticize the Trudeau government for, without being accused of racism by the Liberals, is getting alarmingly long.

Trudeau wants to include a gender chapter in the new NAFTA

That is one of the messages Canadian negotiators have been using to try to convince the United States and Mexico to include a gender chapter in the new North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), newly released briefing materials show.

Trudeau’s Fixation on Feminism

Prime Minister Trudeau’s policies are acknowledged, generally, as more superficial than substantive. This has proven to be the case in regard to his support of feminism. He is all for feminism unless it impacts on him personally. In such an event, he does not support it. For example, he stated many times that women should always be believed. But when he was accused of groping a young female journalist in the 1990’s, his position became that “men and women perceive events differently”. The recent unpleasant difficulties with former Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould, a strong-willed, determined and independent woman, is another example.

Raced-based politics natural outcome of Trudeau’s ‘postnational state’

This is what a postnational multicultural state looks like.

In late 2015, Trudeau was interviewed by The New York Times magazine about his vision for Canada.

The American publication fawned that “Trudeau’s most radical argument is that Canada is becoming a new kind of state, defined not by its European history but by the multiplicity of its identities from all over the world.”

Forget about our traditions of ordered liberty that date back to the signing of the Magna Carta. And forget about our constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy — arguable the most successful form of government in human history — or our commitment to Western liberal ideals.

MALCOLM: Raced-based politics natural outcome of Trudeau’s ‘postnational state’
Trudeau’s rush to unilaterally impose political correctness will generate backlash

The Canadian Forces jobs where only women need apply

The military has built a two-tiered system – ‘one tier for white men and the other for women and visible minorities,’ a source says

The Canadian Forces jobs where only women need apply

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