Trudeau’s 1st Year – What an Embarrassment

Liberal debt

Canada expected to run bigger deficit than Trudeau budgeted

Canada’s federal deficit could be much higher than Justin Trudeau’s government projected, according to a new report from Toronto Dominion Bank.

TD Bank says it could be as high as $34 billion, roughly $5 billion higher than the Liberal government budgeted for in March, thanks to weak economic growth.

“Recall that the government built in a $6-billion annual cushion into its numbers to protect against unforeseen events,” read the report, released Thursday. “This allotted cushion is poised to be absorbed, and then some.”

Canada expected to run bigger deficit than Trudeau budgeted: TD Bank

Trudeau says The budget will Balance Itself

Justin Trudeau ridiculed for ‘EMBARRASSING’ Canada by wearing Indian ‘wedding outfit’

JUSTIN Trudeau’s troubled trip to India has gone from bad to worse thanks to a relentless and exaggerated wardrobe of traditional garments which have been slammed as “embarrassing” by critics during his state visit.

Throughout his eight-day trip, the Canadian PM and his family have posed for innumerable photo-ops with their hands in prayer and clothes in extravagance.

Their wardrobes, which initially came across as respectful and culturally appropriate, have now come under fire as a major fashion faux pas.

Indian politician Omar Abdullah took to Twitter with a collage of the Trudeau family touching their hands and bowing their heads, as the namaste gesture dictates.

He wrote: “Is it just me or is this choreographed cuteness all just a bit much now? Also FYI, we Indians don’t dress like this every day, sir, not even in Bollywood.”

Trudeau sparks outrage with plan to ‘reintegrate’ ISIS terrorists into Canada

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer blasted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the Liberal plan to “reintegrate” Canadians who return to the country after fighting for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

“These are people who got on a plane to fight for ISIS and watched as our allied soldiers were burned to death in a cage. These are people who got on a plane to go to fight for an organization that sells women and girls into slavery. These are people who left Canada to fight for a group of people who push homosexuals off buildings just for being gay,” Scheer told the House of Commons Monday.

“Can the Prime Minister explain to the House exactly what a program or reintegration service would look like for the people who commit these kinds of atrocities?”

The government revealed in late 2015 that some 180 individuals “with a nexus to Canada” had joined Islamic terrorist groups overseas, and an additional 60 had come back to Canada, according to a report by CBC’s Evan Dyer.

‘He Completely Ruined Canada’ – Ben Shapiro Destroys Justin Trudeau

For the sake of peoplekind, Justin Trudeau needs to shut his mouth

Forget climate change, terrorism, potential war or a volatile stock market. The biggest threat to Canada right now is our leader’s mouth, writes Vinay Menon.

If I were advising Justin Trudeau, I’d tell him to shut his piehole.

Zip it, Prime Minister. Put an R2-D2 sock in it. Knock it off with this pathological need to sidle up to the nearest microphone to gab, yak, chat, hold court, shoot the breeze, riff or push platitudes like a guest speaker at a kindergarten class while hopped up on ecstasy: “Children, there is no ‘I’ in love. But there is a ‘U’ in ‘Justin’ and in ‘Trudeau.’ I am you. You are me. We are love. Now pick up your crayons and let’s draw a gender-neutral sun.”

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