Trudeau’s Carbon Offset – Trudeau’s Tree Planting

Is Carbon Offsetting Really A Climate Solution Or Is It a Licence to Pollute?

Carbon offsets are a greenwashing mechanism that enables individuals to buy themselves green credentials without actually changing their consumption habits, and nations to avoid the more difficult structural and regulatory change necessary to prevent further global warming.”

Trudeau a hypocrite on climate change for using two campaign planes, Scheer says

‘I don’t know what types of props or costumes or camping equipment he’s bringing along with him, but he’s made his choice’

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau defended his campaign’s use of a second plane to ferry cargo after his Conservative opponent Andrew Scheer criticized him for the extra air transport during Wednesday’s French-language leaders’ debate.

Scheer also ridiculed the use of the extra plane in a post-debate press conference, calling Trudeau a hypocrite on climate change.

Trudeau’s broken balanced budget promise will cost us $100 billion and counting

Most people don’t expect their governments to be perfect. But they do expect governments to make some effort to honour commitments, be straight with taxpayers and make the best of circumstances as they come.

In the 2015 election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised he’d run “modest” deficits for a few years, then balance the budget in 2019.

Justin Trudeau’s desperate campaign spending announcements to cost $57 billion

In the face of scandal, Trudeau reveals platform, making billions in farcical promises to Canadians

In an attempt to cover up international embarrassment, Justin Trudeau has revealed his platform, announcing a staggering $57 billion in campaign promises. The tally of his disastrous campaign is mounting, and so is his debt.

“Justin Trudeau will do or say anything to get re-elected. If given four more years, we know that Trudeau is going to raise your taxes to pay for his out of control spending,” said Pierre Poilievre, MP Carleton at a media availability in Ottawa.

Trudeau vows to use Trans Mountain pipeline revenues to plant 2 billion trees

Justin Trudeau promised Friday that a re-elected Liberal government would use revenues from the Trans Mountain pipeline to pay for a $3-billion plan to use nature to combat climate change, which includes planting two billion trees over the next decade.

Six things to know about the Liberal plan for a tree-planting bonanza

With a cryptic post on Twitter and a photo opportunity with teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau announced a plan to plant two billion trees in Canada over a 10-year period. Here are six things to know about Trudeau’s quixotic tree-planting scheme:

Victims’ families say killer Matthew de Grood should never be released

Family members of five people stabbed to death by Matthew de Grood at a university house party in 2014 while he was in a psychotic state told a review board Friday he should never be released from the psychiatric facility where he is now being treated.

Young man who killed five at house party to be reintegrated into Edmonton community

n 2014, Matthew de Grood fatally stabbed five people at a Calgary house party. He was originally charged with five counts of first-degree murder but was found not criminally responsible in 2016 after a two-week trial. At the time, the judge ruled that de Grood suffering from schizophrenic symptoms at the time of the attack, believing there was an impending war, and that he was not capable of understanding that what he was doing was wrong.

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