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Trudeau Government Hides Info On Report From Disaster India Trip

Weird. What happened to all that “openness and transparency?”

Justin Trudeau repeatedly promised to run the most “open and transparent” government in history.

Of course, he made that promise when he was seeking power.

Once he had that power, all of a sudden he closed the government up to Canadians.

In fact, for all his criticism of the Harper government, the Information Commissioner has repeatedly noted that the Trudeau government is less willing to share information than the past Conservative government was.

Liberal government ‘worse’ than Harper according to access to information audit

The Liberals are blaming the previous Harper government for the failing grade they received in an independent audit of compliance with the Access to Information Act, saying the Conservatives left behind a badly damaged system.

The national freedom of information audit found the federal access system is bogged down to the point where, in many cases, it simply doesn’t work.

The annual audit focused on the federal access regime this year — given Justin Trudeau’s election campaign promises of increased transparency — and concluded it is faring worse than in the latter years of the Conservative government.

Justin Trudeau is Far More Dangerous Than Donald Trump

I am not a conservative or a Trump supporter, but I have been forced to abandon my support for the Left because of its increasingly alarming and bizarre politics.

I believe that the tool that is being used to dupe us is political-correctness. It is a very powerful tool because it stifles all argument and creates the perfect conditions for mass manipulation of the population. Those in charge set all of the rules and conditions for conversation and a large percentage of the population becomes afraid to make statements that they know to be true; or worse, are forced to make statements that they know to be untrue.

Trudeau Federal Budget 2019 Continues Endless Deficits, High Tax Agenda

Guess it didn’t balance itself.

Justin Trudeau’s final budget before the election is nothing more than a continuation of all the others he’s brought forth:

High taxes, high debt, endless budget deficits.

Trudeau had promised Canadians that this was the year in which the budget would be balanced.

Turns out it was a total lie and total BS.

Instead, the deficit will be around $15 billion this year, and rising to about $20 billion next year, even with Canadians being gouged by the federal carbon tax.

Trudeau by the numbers: They’re bad

On August 27, 2015 Trudeau — astoundingly — flip-flopped, coming out in favour of “modest” annual deficits.

He projected them at $9.9 billion in his first year in office in 2016-17, $9.5 billion in 2017-18, $5.7 billion in 2018-19, with a $1 billion surplus in 2019-20 in the fourth and final year of his election mandate.

On September 20, 2015, during an interview with CTV Atlantic Bureau Chief Steve Murphy in which Trudeau repeatedly ducked questions about the cost of his election platform, Trudeau said reporters could use a calculator to figure it out.

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