Whites Need Higher Scores – RCMP vs Gun Owners

Fire service changes entrance test so it’s deliberately harder for white men

One of the county’s biggest fire services has been accused of discrimination after it emerged white men have to score higher in its recruitment tests than anyone else. West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service wants 60% of new recruits to be women, and 35% to be from black and minority ethnic groups by 2021. In a bid to reach the target, they have altered the pass rates to make it easier for people from those groups to get through the test.

Women and men from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups only have to score 60% on verbal and numerical tests – where as white men have to score 70%. A senior source claims the new recruitment programme, introduced in late 2017, costs £100,000 a year.

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/01/28/fire-service-changes-entrance-test-deliberately-harder-white-men-8402291/?ito=cbshare

Canada’s Liberal Government Presses for Even More Gun Control

Speaking in Montreal this month on the anniversary of the 1989 Ecole Polytechnique tragedy, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed his government’s plans to further restrict legal access to handguns and “assault weapons” and refused to rule out a “full ban” on handguns.

One newspaper, citing an unnamed government official, states that “there are doubts that a ban will have the desired effect” – possibly because the existing law already contains a comprehensive ban on the possession of firearms without the necessary government licenses or authorizations. According to the government source, some of the options for additional restrictions include mandatory storage requirements that prohibit keeping such firearms at home, and expanded law enforcement powers to suspend licenses and criminalize gun owners.


Canadian Liberals Insult You With Their Hateful Depiction of Gun Owners

First, Mark Holland stood in the House of Commons and inferred Canadian firearm owners are thugs:

“What thugs do is to make sure they are able to keep weapons in their car and not have to answer any questions. That is what they are going to do. They are going to put the weapons in the car and drive wherever they go. They know that if they are pulled over by a police officer, all they have to do is list one of a million different places to explain where they are going.”

Mark Holland probably didn’t mean to call all licensed, law-abiding firearm owners thugs, but those are the only people who can explain their way out of the police situation Holland described.

Canadians are sick and tired of nasty liberal identity politics

Canada is not a racist country, and most Canadians are not racist people. It’s strange that this even needs to be said, but given the rise of divisive identity politics and ugly race-baiting in the news these days, it’s worth stating and restating.

That’s not to say that racism doesn’t exist. It does – in every society around the world and throughout history. There is, however, an important difference between individual cases of racism – which we should join together to condemn – and so-called institutional or systemic racism.

Left-wing activists insist that Canada is a horrible and racist society – so racist, in fact, that our laws and institutions are embedded with racial biases and bigotry. But these activists can’t point to instances of supposed “white privilege” racism in the law, so they rely on rhetoric and anecdotal evidence.


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