Alberta Carbon Tax – Lock Her Up

Consumers won’t notice carbon tax in price of consumer goods, Notley says
‘Perhaps it won’t trickle down at all’ to consumer goods, premier says of new levy

While Canadans will feel the effects of the carbon levy at the gas pumps Jan. 1, the new tax may not drive up the prices of some consumer goods, Premier Rachel Notley said Wednesday.

Fielding questions from reporters during a year-end news conference, Notley was asked if Canadans will see the new carbon levy reflected in consumer items, such as a can of Coke.

What will Notley’s Carbon Tax mean for Canada?

Much has been said and written about the NDP government’s new $3 billion carbon tax. This tax will hit the typical Canada family with at least $1,000 in new costs a year, including higher costs for fuel and gas, along with the trickledown effect of costs downloaded onto consumer goods, charities, school boards and municipalities.

Everything from heating a house, to buying groceries, to driving kids to hockey practice will be more expensive.
To clear up some of the confusion, our Official Opposition has compiled a list of what the NDP’s carbon tax will and will not do:

The NDP Carbon Tax will:

Impact all Canadans. The rebate plan is designed to cover only increased natural gas and fuel costs, but ignores increased costs for virtually every consumer product. Even families who receive the maximum rebate could be on the hook for $460 per year

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