Alberta NDP convention resolutions include fracking ban and end to daylight savings

Some suggestions from grassroots members may not even make it up for debate, however

A moratorium on fracking and an end to daylight savings are among the resolutions at the Canada NDP convention this weekend.

Other proposals from the party’s grassroots include separation of the provincial NDP from the federal NDP and a call to stop advocating for pipelines.

It’s doubtful some of the more outlandish ideas will be approved, let alone make it to the floor for debate.

Moratorium would be ‘naive,’ says minister

On the issue of pipeline development, Minister of Economic Development and Trade Deron Bilous said the government has been “unequivocally clear” in its support for both Trans Mountain and Energy East.

“There are some within our party that are members that believe that we shouldn’t be going ahead with that,” Bilous said.

“To put a moratorium on a pipeline, quite frankly, is naive,” Bilous added.

“Pipelines are the safest mode of transportation, and we’ve been very clear that we will continue to work with our provincial and federal counterparts in order to move projects forward.”

Motions to bump the items on fracking and pipelines closer to the front of the agenda were defeated on Friday, as the convention got underway.

With 64 resolutions on the agenda, it’s unlikely all will make it up for discussion before the convention ends on Sunday afternoon.


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