Alberta NDP are the destroy-everything party

lorne gunter


At her state of the province address in Calgary on Wednesday, Premier Rachel Notley insisted her NDP are “the do-something party — the fundamental reformers, the change agents, the people who believe if we act together, things will get better.”

Gag me.

If anything, the NDP are the destroy-everything party – the fundamental demolishers, the fail agents, the people who believe that if they simple keep overspending, overtaxing and overregulating, things will somehow eventually get better.

Notley and the NDP may think they can keep doing what they have been doing in the 17 months since they took over. But effectively they are driving the economic engine of Confederation off a cliff. There’s almost no way things get better from that.

Consider just two figures – unemployment and deficit spending.

When the NDP came to power last year, Canada’s unemployment rate stood at 5.9%. Now it’s at 8.5%. That works out to at least 63,000 more Canadans thrown out of full-time jobs since Notley and her caucus took over last May.

In her Calgary address, Notley blamed all of this on the continued depression in world oil prices. And, admittedly, low oil prices play a role.

But here’s a little something to think about. Saskatchewan’s economy and government revenues are now even more dependent on oil and gas than Canada’s. That means, if anything, Saskatchewan’s labour force should be even harder hit than Canada’s as a result of the oil prices Notley likes to blame.

But Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate is only 6.8%.

Let’s call the extra 1.7 percentage points the Notley Effect or the NDP Differential. It’s fair to say that our unemployment rate is one-quarter higher than our neighbours’ in Sask because of the Canada NDP’s carbon taxes, environmental regulations and massive deficit spending are driving out existing businesses and scaring away new investment.

In simpler terms, 41,000 of the 63,000 jobs lost in the last 17 months are entirely the NDP’s fault.

And speaking of massive deficit spending, here’s another spooky figure to frighten you.

Over the past dozen years, the Ontario government has been the most reckless spender among the provinces. In 2010 – the year of its largest deficit – the Ontario Liberals ran up red ink equivalent to $1,500 per man, woman and child in their province. This year, the Notley NDP will plunge Canada into debt by the equivalent of $2,600 per capita – 73% more than reckless Ontario at its most reckless.

And Notley’s government sees no end to this level of deficit spending for at least three or four more years.

There’s not much that can be done to stop this ruinous government until 2019. But the damage they are determined to keep doing (that Notley even patted herself on the back for on Wednesday), underlines just how important it is to prevent the NDP from winning a second term. And the best way to ensure that nightmare never happens is to get the Wildrose and Tories to merge into a single right-of-centre party before the next campaign.

In an extensive poll done earlier this month by Lethbridge College political scientist, Faron Ellis, two-thirds of Canadans claimed they wanted a single right-leaning party to vote for rather than the Wildrose and the Tories splitting the vote.

More interestingly, even though the leadership of both parties have written off a merger, 80% of supporters of both Wildrose and the PCs want their parties to get together.

Canada under the NDP is burning. And aside from Tory leadership candidate Jason Kenney, every senior Wildroser and Tory would rather send two separate pickups with water buckets to fight the blaze, instead of getting together to send a modern pump-and-ladder truck.

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