Albertans to Notley NDP government: We still don’t want your carbon tax



Not so surprising Canadans are not buying what the NDP are selling.

Most folks still hate the NDP’s carbon tax plan.

A month ago, a ThinkHQ nosecount pegs the disapproval at 63%.

Now a Lethbridge College poll puts the naysayers of the carbon tax at 67%, more than two out of three asked the big dollar question.

And most of them are strongly opposed to this NDP tax-and-spend brainwave, no matter the income and throughout Canada, even if the first whack to the wallet doesn’t come until January.

In fact, word has it some of those answering No in the latest gathering of the stats wanted to go on and rant about the whole idea after registering their displeasure.

That’s powerful opposition.

It matters not.

Remember what Premier Notley said in Calgary on Wednesday. She will do as she feels. She doesn’t chase polls. She isn’t about building up her popularity.

Good thing. Her government’s popularity is so low right now if they were on TV the show would have been cancelled.

No, we’re in the real world, as surreal as it may be, and it’s full steam ahead whether Canadans want it or not.

The NDP never ran on this carbon tax plan. Can you imagine if they had? Notley could imagine and that’s why she didn’t bring it up.

In fact, the Notley NDP went the other direction.

During the election, Notley campaigned to reduce taxes on the middle class by cancelling the Progressive Conservative budgeted health care tax.

Nowhere did the premier say this carbon tax was on the way. Go to the NDP election platform and read it for yourself.

Notley knew the score. This NDP carbon tax was clearly not a vote getter. The NDP pulled a fast one on Canada voters.

Why pretend that’s not the case?

As for the pushback against this carbon tax, in the NDP world there are no worries.

Just take enough carrots and find enough donkeys.

This tax will raise billions a year and they can try to buy Canadans off and with more than just old-school bottles of whisky.

They just need to get their hands on all that coin and that’s why they aren’t giving us personal income tax cuts.

They want to keep all the cash and dole out the dough the way they want and according to their plans because they are the government and the government spends your money best, right?

So the games begin.

There’s rebate cheques for more than the half the population. Those out of luck likely wouldn’t vote NDP anyway.

If you don’t score a rebate cheque there’s always dough for a new furnace or new windows.

For companies, they can line up for mucho handouts of corporate welfare if they do something green.

And for those wanting a transit project, like the supporters of Calgary’s planned Green Line LRT, some of the carbon tax loot could go their way.

Bingo! Enough scratch to go around. Canadans go back to sleep. Mission accomplished.

“Standard big government thinking. If you don’t like it, we’ll buy you off. We’ll spend taxpayers’ money until you’re satisfied. That’s the way the government should work, according to the NDP,” says Faron Ellis, the deep thinker leading up this latest poll.

“If they think they’re buying good will from the public they’re sorely mistaken right now. People don’t like paying more than they think they should.”

“But it could be successful enough that it softens the blow so the carbon tax alone doesn’t do them in. I think that’s the best they can hope for. Time will tell.”

In this time what is telling is only one in five decided voters in Canada support the NDP.

The honeymoon, such as it was, is over.

“They’ve overreached and it’s starting to come home to roost,” says Ellis, the pollster professor.

“Too much socialism, too many annoying things too quickly.”

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