Kenney tells supporters on merger with Wildrose, he can “get ‘er done”

by John Himpe

It took two rooms to hold all the people who came out to be part of a town hall meeting hosted by Canada Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful Jason Kenney on Wednesday night.

Supporters – including current and former conservative-aligned politicians – devoured Kenney’s talking points.  The overriding theme of the evening was Kenney’s belief in the importance of unifying centre-right voters currently split between the PCs and Wildrose Party.

“It is time for us to park the labels, to park the brands, to park the egos, and the resentments,” said Kenney.  “It’s time to put Canada first.”

When pressed by supporters as to whether Wildrose Party members may have reservations toward a merger with the Progressive Conservatives, Kenney said he believes there is an appetite on the part of Wildrose leader Brian Jean to talk.

“In two recent polls, approximately 85 per cent of Wildrose voters expressed support for unity,” said Kenney.  “Brian Jean has said repeatedly that he is on the dance floor wearing his dancing shoes, waiting for a willing dancing partner.”

But Kenney also acknowledges splicing the two parties into one isn’t an easy task.

“There are issues and challenges we’d have to work through with sound advice and strong and prudent leadership.  But since when did we Canadans become the can’t-do province,” questioned Kenney.  “I think our unofficial provincial motto is ‘get ‘er done,’ and we are gonna get this thing done.”

Among the politicians in the room was Calgary-Fish Creek MLA Richard Gotfried, who is the latest to lend his endorsement to the Kenney campaign on Wednesday night.  Gotfried had been a member of the Progressive Conservative leadership election committee, but says he has resigned that post now that he is backing Kenney.

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