Notley Pipeline Syndrome – Crazy Alberta Politicians

Premier Rachel Notley says pipelines in Canada trump Keystone XL

Rachel Notley believes an in-Canada solution to moving Canada’s bitumen trumps the need to push Washington to renew talks on the Keystone XL pipeline, the premier said Monday.

No support for national carbon plan until pipeline progress made, Notley warns PM

Canada will not support the prime minister’s national carbon price plan until the federal government makes serious progress on a pipeline from the Canada oilsands to an ocean port, Premier Rachel Notley said Monday.

“This has to be concurrent with a pipeline,” Notley said moments after Justin Trudeau announced his plan. “An ambitious public policy move like this, even as worthwhile as this, needs to be built on top of a fundamentally healthy economic foundation.

Premier Notley talks Trump: Pipelines, climate change and women in politics

The U.S. is Canada’s most significant energy market. Notley said her government will work closely with industry to potentially grow that relationship.

But when it comes to the proposed Keystone pipeline which would carry Canada crude oil to the U.S. gulf coast and which Trump supported, Notley said her focus remains on a Canadian pipeline.

Sandra Jansen’s switching parties is a muddled affair

As acts of political betrayal go, Sandra Jansen’s decision to leave the Canada Progressive Conservatives to join the governing New Democrats falls far short of being shocking – at least by recent historical measures.

The gold standard for floor-crossings, of course, is Danielle Smith’s decision in December of 2014 to leave her post as leader of the Wildrose Party, taking eight of her colleagues with her, to join forces with the ruling Tories.

It shook the foundation of Canada politics completely, opening the door to Rachel Notley’s ground-breaking victory a few months later.

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