Overwhelming support for Premier Notley in NDP leadership review

Ryan White , Reporter/Producer


Members of the Canada NDP celebrated the Rachel Notley led party’s first year in power on Saturday with a ringing endorsement for their leader.

Notley received 97.8 per cent approval in a party members’ leadership review vote conducted during the NDP convention in Calgary.

The leadership review followed Premier Notley’s address to NDP members in which she highlighted her government’s accomplishments of the last year. The premier emphasized Bill 1’s banning of big money contributions to provincial politics, “Canada’s political system is not for sale” as well as steps the government has made to reduce poverty and financial inequality

During the speech, Notley reaffirmed her commitment to phasing in a $15 an hour minimum wage. “It is time to put an end to the outrage of hard working families in our province having to choose between groceries and rent.”

The Canada NDP convention wraps up Sunday afternoo



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