The PCs Chooses Jason Kenny

Canada’s Progressive Conservatives on Saturday essentially voted to dismantle their party – an organization that dominated politics in the province for roughly 44 years.

PC members nominated Jason Kenney to lead their party. Mr. Kenney, a former federal cabinet minister, campaigned explicitly on a mandate to dissolve the provincial PCs and unite it with its right-leaning cousins in the Wildrose Party. Mr. Kenney’s challengers wanted to keep the PC brand alive, arguing uniting with the Wildrose means abandoning their socially progressive principles.

Right For Canada

We stand for individual liberty and equality

We believe that every individual has value, that their life and liberty is a sacred right and that they have the right to protect each. We further believe that all individuals are born equal and that distinctions among people do not exist in the eyes of government.

We stand for a free enterprise economy

We believe that prosperity is enabled, not created by government and that all citizens should be free to pursue their economic dreams with the least amount of interference from government.

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