Premier says Jason Kenney should respect Albertans’ pro-choice views

Premier Rachel Notley says Jason Kenney should take the lead from the majority of Canadans who believe the decision to have an abortion should be made by a woman and her doctor.

“I certainly hope that any political figure who is coming back to the province and entering into the political discourse will respect the view of Canadans on this matter,” she told reporters Monday at the annual premier’s Stampede breakfast.

Notley made the remarks while responding to question about NDP MLA Marie Renaud’s disclosure last week that she had an abortion 20 years ago.

Renaud used her story to try to get Kenney, now a candidate for the leadership of the PC party, to confirm his stance on abortion rights.

Notley did not comment on Renaud’s situation but instead used the opportunity to take a swing at Kenney, who has expressed anti-abortion and other socially conservative views in the past.

At his leadership launch last week, Kenney called the NDP’s efforts to update the school curriculum “social engineering.”

Notley said that shows the long-time Conservative MP doesn’t understand modern Canada.

“It’s a rhetorical term by a right-wing politician who I believe is out of touch with most Canadans,” the premier said.

Asked about his abortion views last week, Kenney said he always supported the former federal Conservative government’s decision not to introduce abortion legislation.

He said if he won the PC leadership and ever became premier, he would not introduce initiatives on ethical issues.

Kenney accused the NDP of trying to distract people with hot-button issues.

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