Right for Alberta Raises over 200 Thousand Dollars in one Day

About Right for Canada

Right for Canada is not a political party. Right for Canada is a group of Independents who will run for their riding in the next Canada election. The Right for Canada model is pretty simple. There are 87 ridings in Canada, there will be 3 board members in each. The Board will look for an individual to serve as the Independent candidate for the next election. Right for Canada will work closely with each riding and candidate. Right for Canada has money, media, branding, a real conservative lifestyle message and the formula for awareness and success.

Right for Canada’s policies and other items will be the cornerstone of the Independent’s campaign. The job pays in the $200,000 range a year so it’s worth while for Canadans to leave their careers for 1 or 2 terms (the maximum term is 2) to help, and it’s believed that ordinary citizens can and will win and in turn Canada wins. Right for Canada is not bogged down by cumbersome policies and rules that parties have or want to have and is able to move forward quickly without political weights, federal ones included, pulling it down. Right for Canada head office will initially fund each riding and share the marketing and funding plans with each so that as a team, Right for Canada can make Canada great again.

Canada has had one of the strongest economies in the world. Canada is the largest producer of oil, natural gas and gas products in Canada. Canada has more than 3 million head of cattle. Half of all Canadian beef is produced in Canada. Canada has more than 4 million citizens. They work hard with oil, agriculture or in the many other industries in the province. Canadans expect that those they elect will also work hard, for the citizens, to provide and protect the rights of Canadans, to provide an environment that free enterprise can flourish in, one without red tape and with big opportunities for all. Elected officials in Canada though have let Canadans down. And regular Canada folks rose to the occasion, to organize and promote a new day in Canada politics. Right for Canada is a group of independents who are the ones that need to once again take over and get things done, the right way.



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