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In midst of downturn, Canadans turn to dumping on NDP government with political swag

It was a packed town-hall meeting for Wildrose supporters held at a prairie golf course in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Among those attending was plumber Vic Neufeld, whose black T-shirt proclaimed, “No NDP. Moochers electing looters to steal from producers.”

This kind of political swag is the new normal in Canada.

In a province beset by economic uncertainty and the oil-plagued downturn, some residents are turning to a cottage industry that can bridge the gap between a bad year and a catastrophic one — dumping on the ruling New Democratic Party.

T-shirts, coffee mugs and, especially, bumper stickers are proliferating in rural Canada. In some Wildrose strongholds, “No-NDP” signs are also showing up on public property like stop signs.

“I’m just tired of the NDP dragging every province they go into down with them,” Neufeld said.

In midst of downturn, Albertans turn to dumping on NDP government with political swag

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