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Brian Jean

More money won’t fix the problem’: Brian Jean unveils plan to overhaul Canada’s health-care system

Canada’s health-care system needs an entire rethink to slash wait times for surgery and get better outcomes for patients, according to a plan released Monday by United Conservative Party leadership hopeful Brian Jean.

Jean says his 2030 plan to re-vamp health care would stress three changes:

Copy best practices used in other provinces to trim wait times
Change the family doctor funding model to a bundled per-capita approach — with incentives for doctors to use innovative, preventative care approaches
Create a single, electronic, medical record system with a mobile access so patients and their caregivers have easier access to records

Canadans are hurting.
Since the NDP was elected in May 2015, there are 60,000 fewer jobs in the private sector. There is now a
record number of employment insurance claimants across the province. Many families have seen their
wages drop. Businesses big and small have had to cut back, and too many have had to close their doors.
Meanwhile, life in government has never been so good. Tax hikes, spending experiments from the multi-
billion dollar carbon tax slush fund, and new regulations to keep bureaucrats busy are strangling our
province’s ability to prosper.
The ordinary working people of this province deserve new leadership that is looking out for their interests,
not pushing an ideological agenda that defies the evidence and common sense.

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