Wild Horses of Alberta and Freedom

Wild Horses of Canada

Wild Horses of Canada Society’s mission is to ensure the provision of all aspects of the conservation and humane treatment of wild horses in Canada. We are committed to the preservation of these magnificent animals in their natural environment.

WHOAS Objectives (Purposes) To protect the environment by working with the government to establish reasonable and achievable wild horse population management solutions. To provide a public amenity by maintaining a proper rescue and handling facility that is safe for the public to attend to witness first-hand wild horses. To promote the welfare of wild horses by rescuing, gentling and rehoming of wild horses providing veterinary care, and by operating a wild horse adoption program. To advance education by providing presentations and workshops on the history of wild horses in Canada. To advance education by participating in research by collecting data to support scientific research that will add to overall public understanding and increasing knowledge to the scientific community. To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above-mentioned charitable purposes.


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