Proud Boys wade into BLM activists in Oregon and a baseball bat comes out

Reuters Carlos Barria

Trump, who has made law and order the main theme of his bid for re-election on Nov. 3, has derided Portland as one of several Democratic-led ‘anarchist jurisdictions’

Police broke up scuffles between supporters of President Donald Trump and Black Lives Matter activists and arrested two people in Salem, Oregon, on Monday as protests in the region turn increasingly violent.

More than 100 Trump supporters, including members of the all-male, alt-right group the Proud Boys, came to the capitol building in Salem, about 45 miles (72 km) south of Portland, in a caravan of vehicles on Monday afternoon, waving Trump 2020 signs and American flags and some carrying weapons. They were met by about 20 Black Lives Matter protesters.

The two groups fired pepper spray at each other, at least one Trump supporter beat a Black Lives Matter protester with a baseball bat and a Trump supporter sprayed a fire extinguisher.

About two dozen state police officers were present and initially stood by as Trump supporters charged and hit Black Lives Matter protesters. Police then tackled two people who had been punching Black Lives Matter demonstrators and arrested them, according to a Reuters witness.

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